Georgia Football: Another UGA Player Dismissed, Two QB System to Stay, Post Game Player Reactions, and More – Daily Dose of Dawg

Photo courtesy of Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Photo courtesy of Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Dismissed Another Defensive Back

Freshman defensive back, Shaq Jones, was dismissed from the football team Sunday night for shoplifting. According to reports, Jones stole $43 dollars worth of merchandise ($30 universal power jolt and $13 car cable) from Wal-Mart. This is now the fourth defensive back dismissed from the team this year and second this week. Georgia also lost two defensive backs to injury this week, one season-ending and one career-ending.

I really don’t think the Jones dismissal will have any effect on this team moving forward. He was a 2-star safety that was likely never going to receive any serious playing time. What I don’t like about this dismissal is that Georgia will once again look bad because they are harsher with their punishments than other schools. For a misdemeanor theft, Mark Richt didn’t really have to do anything. If you remember, Jameis Winston was also charged with misdemeanor theft in the off-season, but he didn’t see any suspension.

Story on Jones here.


Richt Says the Two QB System Might Stay

Last week, Mark Richt didn’t shoot down the possibility of Georgia playing more than one quarterback against Vanderbilt, and with good reason. Backup quarterback, Bryce Ramsey, saw his first real, meaningful action on Saturday, and Mark Richt says they may continue to let him play a little bit moving forward.

“It did work out well,” Richt said on Sunday. “I think there’s always a chance that we’ll continue to do that. I’m not gonna sit here and say for sure what we’re gonna do because I don’t know for sure. But it’s definitely a possibility to keep doing that type of thing.” – Mark Richt

Ramsey didn’t look bad in his first big appearance, but he did miss a couple wide open throws and looked a bit antsy. At first, I didn’t really love the idea of playing a redshirt freshman quarterback when it mattered, but now I’m starting to open up to it. Earlier in the year, I supported Hutson Mason because he was at least able to take care of the ball. Now that he’s throwing bad interceptions, fumbling the ball (UGA has been recovering them), and missing wide open receivers, I don’t mind giving Ramsey a few chances. I still think that right now Hutson is Georgia’s best option, but if Bryce starts killing it, that could certainly change.

Story on Georgia using multiple quarterbacks here.


Post Game Player Interviews

Logan Booker of Bulldawg Illustrated caught up with some players after the game on Saturday. Here’s what they had to say:


Great Photos From Georgia vs. Vanderbilt

Logan Booker always gets some great shots of the Bulldogs in action, and this week’s photos certainly don’t disappoint.

Pre-game pictures here.

1st half pictures here.

2nd half pictures here.


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  1. I have no problem with Richt’s stance on crime and punishment. I think other schools make too many exceptions for players, Jamis Winston being a prime example of someone who allegedly raped a girl, definitely stole from Publix, and definitely acted in a manner that did a diservice to his team earlier this season by acting an idiot and losing his temper in an unproductive manner. Richt’s approach to hard nock life is pretty awesome. It cuts the fat from the team and shows that he is no longer willing to tolerate the BS that has become the standard for big time college athletic punishments. If anything he should be praised for his efforts and others around the league should be more like him in their approach.

    • johnnyboysanders

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I guess my problem, and I probably should’ve made it more clear, is with other programs around the country not having the same punishments as Richt. It just annoys me how Georgia always looks like the bad program, when they are really one of the only ones who do it right. But I agree, I really like how Richt handles punishments, and it just shows you that he realizes winning isn’t everything. Les Miles, Will Muschamp, and Guz Malzahn should take note.

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