Hotty Toddy Gosh Almighty Who The Hell Is Bo Wallace?

Ole Miss has only beaten Alabama 4 times without a guy named Manning as their QB. Can they make it five with a guy named Wallace? I am leaning heavily toward no, but we never can tell which Bo Wallace will show up. Wallace can have great games, then turn around and throw four picks leading his team to a disappointing loss. Will the real Bo Wallace please stand up?


  • 1271 passing yards
  • 11 touchdowns
  • 6 interceptions
  • 171 passer rating

Who Will Show Up? 

Bo Wallace has had a pretty up and down year up to this point, and it all started against the tough Boise State Broncos. He threw four interceptions and just looked like a lost puppy in the Georgia Dome. Next, he went and torched the Vandy defense for 320 yards and a touchdown. How much can we put into Bo Wallace torching Vandy or Memphis, LA Lafayette?

History Not With Bo

Could Bo Wallace show up and play the game of his life against the Tide? Of course! But as sexy of a pick it is for the Rebel-Bears to upset the Tide, I just do not see it happening. It will be a great game and will have a lot of big plays on both sides, but when the game is on the line will Bo Wallace finish? I think Mississippi State has an opinion on that question.


Who Wins?

Tide. Ole Miss has enough talent to beat Alabama, but I do not think they have the backbone to finish when the game is on the line. I believe Ole Miss will score on their first possession and stop Alabama on theirs. When Alabama gets the first defensive stop, that is when the Tide will change in favor of the boys with the Crimson helmets.



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  1. beat bama with this guy?????? give me a break. bama 34 missy wanna bees 13!!!

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