Les Miles To Michigan, SEC’s Best Coaches Going Into Week 5, And More

Saban Is Still The Best Coach

Each week the guys over at Saturdaydownsouth compile a list of who they believe the best coaches are week to week. Clearly it fluctuates, but if you really believe Saban should not always be first on this list you are absolutely crazy. I realize that not everyone is a Saban fan, but he is without a doubt the best coach on the field week to week. Take a look at where they rank the top five coaches going after last week. Here is the full list.

Miles or Harbaugh?

Michigan is just a sad joke of a team right now. I understand that teams go through down times, but you are the University of Michigan and should never be this pathetic. Once Brady Hokey Pokey is done at Michigan, expect Les Miles to get a phone call and he might just answer that call to come back home to Michigan. If I were Miles I would not take the job, but if that really is his “dream job” then I do not think I could be mad about that. Here is Michigan’s first choice of a new hire.

Tip Of The Cap to Blake Sims 

I understand that I am biased towards Alabama, but at the beginning of the season I was not a Blake Sims fan. As the season has gotten into full swing and you see how he captures the excitement of the team, it has really turned my opinion on him. Sims has endured a lot of criticism during his journey to Alabama and for a guy to find a way to stay focused and not get discourage is all I could ever ask in the make-up of a Quarterback. Do not take my word for it, take the time to read this all-access article done by Mark Schalbach here.



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