Georgia Football: UGA Defender Out Indefinitely, Vandy Thinks They Can Stop Gurley, Gurley and Chubb in Non-Contact Jerseys Yesterday – Daily Dose of Dawg

Rico Johnson - Photo courtesy of the AJC

Rico Johnson – Photo courtesy of the AJC

Rico Johnson’s Career Is Likely Over

Freshman cornerback, Rico Johnson, might have seen his last action as a Bulldog this past Saturday when Georgia defeated Tennessee. It was recently discovered that Johnson has a long-term medical issue that will likely end his career. Johnson had been impressive in the off-season at cornerback after switching from wide receiver, and had appeared in all four of the Bulldogs’ games thus far. I don’t think his absence will be a major problem this year, but he was someone I thought could have a big impact moving forward.

Johnson will likely be placed on a medical scholarship so that he can continue his education at UGA without counting against the Bulldog’s 85-man roster limit.

Sources have reported that sophomore wide receiver, Brendan Langley, may be moving back to cornerback as a result of the injury.

Story on Johnson here.


Vandy Player Confident They Can Handle Gurley


Photo courtesy of @ClayTravisBGID

Photo courtesy of @ClayTravisBGID

Linebacker, Caleb Azubike, of the Vanderbilt Commodores may have given Todd Gurley some bulletin board material (never a good idea).

“Todd Gurley is just another running back in the SEC we’re going to have to tackle. I feel like given the strength and given the size of our defense we are going to be able to handle that quite properly.” – Azubike

Now, Azubike may actually have a point. Todd Gurley may only rush for 50 yards and 1 touchdown. If he does, though, it will only be because the Georgia coaches have taken him out after the first couple series to avoid risking an injury when the game is already in hand. Vanderbilt may have forgotten about Gurley because they didn’t have to face him last year due to an injury, but in his freshman season, #3 rushed for an easy 130 yards and 2 touchdowns on only 16 carries. Keep in mind, Gurley is even faster, even stronger, and even more explosive than two years ago.

I don’t think Azubike or anyone else on that abysmal Commodore defense has a snowball’s chance in hell of stopping Gurley, and if the UGA coaches leave him in ’til the fourth quarter, TG3 could easily have his second 200-yard game in a row.


Gurley and Chubb in Non-Contact Jerseys

After losing two players already to injuries, the Georgia coaches weren’t taking anymore chances. Running backs Todd Gurley and Nick Chubb were wearing green non-contact jerseys in practice yesterday. The green jerseys usually signify that is player is banged up, but the Georgia coaches have assured us that this time it was just precautionary. Some people may want those two backs out there and hitting, but I really don’t mind the decision at all. You know what they can do, and with your running back depth already depleted, you might as well minimize the chances of your star players going down and making this one-dimensional offense zero-dimensional.


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