Georgia Football: Dawgs Unveiling New Offensive Formation, Hutson Mason Flourishing

It’s all about perspective, y’all.

You say Georgia has no passing attack.  I hear you.  Well I say, show me a team that can stop the WildHutson offense.

When the Dawgs’ incredibly mobile dual-threat quarterback lines up in the backfield, the Georgia ground attack is unstoppable!  As a team, the Bulldogs are averaging over seven yards per carry on nearly 43 carries per game.  And this offense is riding that running game to a Top 10 spot nationally in points scored.

You know Todd Gurley.  The star running back has raced for 610 yards and six touchdowns on just 69 carries.  Sony Michel and Nick Chubb, two dynamite freshmen backs, have both run the ball 23 times for a combined 369 yards and four touchdowns.  But, it’s another guy who makes this prolific air-refusing assault work.  That guy is Hutson Mason.

And Mason was at his best against Tennessee last weekend.  While critics are quick to critique the ever-nimble signal-caller for mistakes in the passing game, those naysayers lack a keen eye capable of discerning just how much versatility he brings to the offense.  Time and time again Mason answered the call with his quick feet, strong legs and fluid hips.  Time and time again he put Georgia in position to win.

When the Dawgs fell behind early and needed a conversion on fourth down, they dialed up Mason.  He picked up three yards when the Bulldogs needed one.

When the lead widened and Georgia had to hit paydirt, it was Mason—not the over-hyped Heisman wannabe Todd Gurley—who made a play.  He raced around the left end of the line for an untouched touchdown.  In doing so, he showcased his speed and vision, but more importantly he gave Georgia a chance.

A long run by our hero for a first down in the second quarter ensured Tennessee wouldn’t get the football back before the half and preserved a 21-17 Georgia lead.

Three of Mason’s seven runs were for first downs or touchdowns.  Three accounted for 7 or more yards.  Equally noteworthy, however, was the decoy role he played throughout the afternoon.  With the defense keying in on stopping No. 14, Gurley has himself a field day.  The junior running back benefitted to the tune of 208 rushing yards and two touchdowns.  But it was Mason who should get most of the credit.

Georgia doesn’t need Hutson Mason to be an All-American passer.  The Bulldogs need him to be what he’s always been—the smooth, efficient operator of the WildHutson Offense.  That offense will get the Dawgs a win this weekend against Vanderbilt.  You heard it here first.



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  1. [fart noise, followed by blank stare]

  2. I know this is snark (I think?) but you have something of a point. I watched the replay last night and Mason did enough on the zone read to keep Tennessee honest on the edge. He was solid in his running and your stats don’t lie.

    Not sure if your point is that he’s a bum that can’t run, or if you’re tongue in cheek giving him credit for being able to run. But Mason’s legs help this team, particularly in the 4th when we went zone read for most of those Gurley runs.

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