By God, October Brings a Good Slate: The Week 6 Viewing Guide!

I’m not a big proponent of the exclamation point. Blame Elaine Benes, blame the AOL Instant Messenger culture and its lingo, blame whatever. This week, I’m a huge fan of the exclamation point as it pertains to the college football slate (almost none of which I will be watching). You can spend 11 hours getting fat only on the SEC West and be better for it this weekend. You could expand your horizons and check out a couple of meaningful (not quite pivotal) games out West, in the ACC, or laugh at Texas.

The pattycake BS is over. This is college football.

Thursday: Your Weekend Starts Here.

I’m a hard worker (shameless plug: a damn good realtor in Atlanta), but circumstances have arisen to where I am done working for the week by about, oh, 7 pm tonight. Or maybe 10:30, because…

1) Arizona at #2 Oregon (ESPN, 10:30): Last year, the Wildcats took advantage of a sore and hobbled Marcus Mariota and stunned us with a whooping of the previously-undefeated Ducks. Do they have an encore in them? Would Michigan take Rich Rodriguez back? You have zero excuse to not watch Oregon and be informed about what they do– still the most fun program in the nation to watch.
2) UCF at Houston: No, I don’t actually care, but its on at 7 on ESPN.

Friday: If You Don’t Have A Life, There’s Decent Football?

MY GOD. Even Friday is palatable, even if its the Rocky Mountain Oysters of palatability (the squiggly red line tells me ‘palatability’ is not a word. Webster’s just added ‘selfie’ to the dictionary, so bite me.)

1) Utah State at #18 BYU (10:15, ESPN): Seriously, totally worth having a football hangover for Saturday (or just skipping perpetually overrated College Gameday) to watch. BYU is a legitimate threat to go undefeated (and hear pundits vouch for them as a playoff team, so go Utah State). Utah State has Chuckie Keeton. Great stuff.
2) Louisville at Syracuse (7, ESPN): Bobby Petrino isn’t quite must-see-TV again yet. This game makes a combined SEVEN Friday night appearances between the four most Big East of the ACC’s Big East teams (Syracuse, Pitt, BC, and Louisville). Ugh.

How Did aTm/MSU Slip into the Noons?

Starkville’s loss is your gain. Usually Starkville’s loss goes undocumented, so this is a major step up for the city, team, and program.

1) #6 Texas A&M at #12 Miss. State (noon, ESPN): Damn, this actually starts at 11am local time. As much as we Georgians like to bitch and moan about noon kickoffs, I’m expecting Starkville to be mimosa-and-screwdriver drunk, having never made the transition to beer.
2) Florida at Tennessee (noon, SECN): JesuChristo. The cheapest ticket on Stubhub is $143 as of this writing. TAKE THAT, MICHIGAN’S ATTENDANCE PROBLEMS! I picked Tennessee to win, but that kind of anticipation leads me to believe that they’ll let us down.
3) #20 Ohio State at Maryland (noon, ABC): Noted because I don’t know if aTm/MSU will be on ABC or ESPN locally. Because this one has Pam Ward game written all over it. I’m having visions of an Ohio State/Michigan game in November with both fighting for bowl eligibility, so *gags* GO TERPS!

Mid-Afternoon, Where I Humbly Submit That You DVR Georgia/Vandy and Watch Actual Good Football Games

Seriously. Expand your horizons, because you’ll be hard-pressed to find a slate like this again this season.

1) #3 Alabama at #11 Ole Miss (3:30, CBS): Or maybe watch this one on mute. Hearing Uncle Verne fawn over Oxford, The Grove, Tony Connor and Laquon Treadwell is already making me ill.
2) #14 Stanford at #9 Notre Dame (3:30, NBC): I am quite guilty on this column for making fun of Notre Dame’s preferential TV slots, but let’s give credit where credit is due. Everett Golson is a STUD, and you can’t spell stud without Stanfurd.
3) Vandy at #13 Georgia (4, SECN): I’ll give the Bulldogs the bump to 3 on this list, because Todd Gurley is Todd Gurley and we need to see Hutson Mason with the rest of the WR’s at his disposal.
4) #4 Oklahoma at #25 TCU (3:30, FOX): OH WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Gary Patterson has had his share of struggles since moving to the XII. Oklahoma already has one tricky league road win under its belt. I get strange vibes about this one, man.
5!!!!!!!) #7 Baylor at Texas (3:30, ABC/Gameplan): I’ll be honest, I wanted to put this at #1. This is going to be soooooooo much friggin’ fun, man.

Always appropriate.

6) Six. Jesus. Wake Forest at #1 Florida State (3:30, ABC/Gameplan): Florida State, as long as they’re ranked #1, is must-track TV until they figure out how to play defense or throw to anyone not named Rashad Greene. Wake Forest is (excluding sacks, which is the most amazing part) averaging 1 yard per carry this season.

Good Slate at Night, But You’ll Never Top That 3:30

GUESS WHAT?!!? We start in the SEC yet again!

1) #15 LSU at #5 Auburn (7, ESPN): Geaux Tigers (so yes, the Bayou kind). This is the typical Les Miles ‘oh we’re not GREAT but we ain’t rolling over just yet’ game.
2) #19 Nebraska at #10 Michigan State (8, ABC): I have no desire to watch it, but hope one of you does and tells me ALL about it. A Nebraska win and we can eliminate the B1G from the Playoff, and I’m totally down for that.
3) Not here to discriminate, so PICK EM time! The best game is probably Arizona State at #16 USC (7:30, FOX) as the Trojans break out shiny chrome helmets. And I’m not convinced Arizona State’s D is as bad as they let on last week. Miami visits Georgia Tech (ESPN2, 7:30), and ATLiens could probably go for like, $5. Unranked (HA!) South Carolina is at Kentucky (7:30, SECN), and I’m not going to sit here and say that won’t be compelling.


Enjoy the games, folks!

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