Miz-who Are You, and Four GREAT Games This Saturday: The Week 6 SEC Power Rankings

Another week, another compelling case for the SEC West being the best division ever. Perceived doormat Arkansas took Texas A&M to overtime and beat the hell out of them doing it, while the rest of the division held serve in nonconference competition by a combined score of 132-27. In the East, Missouri helped the Dawgs in turning the tables with a win at South Carolina– a week after losing at home to Indiana– who got boatraced at home against Maryland (and previously lost to Bowling Green).

So, yeah, to reiterate: the East is a joke, the West is a juggernaut (boasting six (6!) of the top 11 teams in Bill Connelly’s very good F+ rankings).



1) Alabama: Boasting an average margin of victory of 27 points and the best offense of the Saban era, their defense may actually be able to grow into a Kirby Smart defense by the time Texas A&M and Auburn come calling (both in Tuscaloosa). I’m expecting them to show Ole Miss why Ole Miss is Ole Miss this weekend in Oxford, Gameday or no.

2) Texas A&M: Good teams find ways to win football games, and aTm had no business beating Arkansas on Saturday. But they did. No rest for the weary, bloodied, and battered defense, as they get Dak Prescott and Mississippi State this weekend. If I’m a Mississipian with the means, I am helicoptering from this one to Oxford at about 2:45pm CST.

3) Auburn: A slow start against Louisiana Tech, but still a 45-17 win. Their back seven scares me for their long-term health, as does their suddenly inconsistent running game. They finally play a measuring stick game this week with LSU coming to town.

4) Mississippi State: I’ll let them in the top 4 because it’ll never happen again, but also because their bye week performance was more impressive than Georgia’s win. Also, I feel compelled to apologize for the complete undersell of Dak Prescott and the inclusion of 15 egg puns on my preview of the other Bulldogs.

5) Ole Miss: Their D is good. Really, REALLY good. I don’t care who you play, 8.5 points per game is patently absurd in today’s game of football. But you cannot trust Dr. Bo to go and beat Alabama this week. (Can you?) ((You can’t.))

6) Georgia: Remember the late 1990’s, when Florida and Tennessee were the juggernauts of the SEC, and the SEC West was an afterthought? Roughly 15-17 years later, the exact opposite has occurred. Leading the way from the worst SEC division of this millennium is Todd Gurley and a solid pass rush. Not Hutson Mason, not that secondary, and STILL not that special teams unit.

7) LSU: Running into this spot by default is a team that could find themselves or risk finishing 6-6, but put them in the East and they’re a legit contender. Just like Miss State and Ole Miss above, we learn a lot about them with a big game against a top-3 (in these rankings) opponent this weekend. DEAR GOD WHAT A WEEKEND OF SEC WEST FOOTBALL. 

8) Arkansas: LOL at our intern Andy not entertaining the notion of Arkansas beating Georgia two weeks from Saturday. This is no longer a pushover.

9) The rest of the SEC East. Seriously, I’m not doing this. South Carolina’s defense has shown up for 45 minutes all season (and still lost that game at home to Mizzou). Mizzou lost to friggin’ Indiana. Still a thing. Tennessee has improved but isn’t worth writing home about, and their game with Florida determines the 9 spot for next week’s power ranking. (BTW, that is the fourth-best SEC game this week. The top three involve, exclusively, SEC West teams.) Kentucky and Vandy did their best ‘if a tree falls in the woods does anyone hear it’ in Lexington last week. The highlight of that game for me? Switching over to it and seeing Kentucky students rushing the field after their last SEC win, WHICH WAS IN 2011.

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