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Todd Gurley - Photo courtesy of

Todd Gurley – Photo courtesy of

Who Leads For the Heisman? Todd Gurley vs. Marcus Mariota

Through the first five weeks of college football, there have been a lot of Heisman contenders popping up, but two players seem to be rising to the top, Todd Gurley of Georgia and Marcus Mariota of Oregon. I think both are absolutely phenomenal players and the best at their respective positions, but right now, I’d have to go with Gurley as the frontrunner. There’s no one in college football right now that can do what Todd’s been doing, and no one that’s meant more to their team so far. Without #3 in the backfield, Georgia could easily have a 1-3 record and an even more disgruntled fan base.

***Side note: Gurley has more yards and more touchdowns through 4 games than Herschel did in his first 4 games of his Heisman season, and he’s done it on way less carries.

Photo courtesy of @RadiNabulsi

Photo courtesy of @RadiNabulsi

ESPN’s Edward Aschoff and Chantel Jennings debate this topic here.

Oh, and in case you missed it this weekend, you’ll be seeing this on every “Todd Gurley for Heisman” video to come out in the next few months.


Hutson Mason Changing His Game

Yesterday, Hutson Mason met with the media to discuss the Vanderbilt game and had some interesting things to say about his approach moving forward.

“There’s just gonna be a new mindset I take this week where I’m just gonna let it fly to the best of my ability, and obviously still try to make good decisions,” Mason said. “But I think some of my problem in the past has been that I put too much pressure on myself as far as trying to get everything right. And I think that’s kinda made me slow down in my ability to play, mentally.”

My response to this is, “Well, why not?” If he’s hesitant, he either throws an interception or we punt. If he’s aggressive, he either throws an interception or we have a chance at a big play. That’s one thing I always liked about Aaron Murray. Sure he threw some interceptions, but he also wasn’t afraid to make some tough throws and try to win ball games.

Story on Hutson’s new mindset here.


Inside Georgia Football With Mark Richt: Episode 6 released it’s weekly football show with player interviews, Richt’s thoughts on the game, and game highlights. If you’re at the office in that mid-week slump, and you want to get your daily fix of Bulldog football, I’d check it out.

Video here.


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