Georgia Football: Where Georgia Will Lose Their Next Game

We Want Brice Ramsey 

Georgia should not lose another game in my opinion, but with Hutson Mason at the helm I just do not know. Georgia has a great running game, great pass rush, and the only big questions come from the defensive backfield and quarterback positions. Can Georgia go the rest of the season without losing a game? Yes! But will they? Heck no. They will have a let down and here are the few places I believe it will happen.

  1. October 11 @ Mizzou: Maty Mauk has the potential to have a huge day against the Georgia secondary, and unless the defensive line can generate the same pressure they did against UT, it will be a long day. Loss probability: (60%) 
  2. November 1 Florida: Rivalry games are always a tricky one. You can almost always throw out whatever the spread is because no matter how good either of these teams are, it is rarely a blow out. Georgia will need to ride TG3 the entire way to win this one. Or they can just wait till Jeff Driskel screws up and wins it for Georgia. He is the Florida version of Reggie Ball. Loss probability: (20%)
  3. November 15 Auburn: I hate Auburn. I want Georgia to beat them more than most things, and I really believe it could happen. Georgia will need to control the line of scrimmage and play great disciplined football in order to beat the WarEAGLETigers. Loss Probability: (50%)


*I realize Georgia Tech is a rivalry game, but come on.. They are a joke.


They Can Win Out But…

Georgia will need to rely heavily on the run game to win out, and I believe playing at home against Auburn will be the biggest deciding factor in that win. I hope Georgia wins the SEC East. If Hutson Mason can figure out how to not throw like a middle-schooler between now and then, they could become really dangerous. Georgia has the talent and the schedule is in their favor, but can the coaches avoid the big game bust to which Georgia has become accustomed?

How do you think Georgia will fare the rest of the way?




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  1. You forgot Arkansas and Kentucky we could very well lose both. We better get an air attack and fast!

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