Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Tennessee Edition

I hate rivalry games because they are by definition unpredictable. Sure, on paper Tennessee didn’t belong on the field with Georgia, by any metric, but we said the same thing last year. And while the game Saturday mercifully escaped last year’s kneepocalypse, it followed what we have come to expect from this series, with a tightly contested game that came down to the last few plays. Fortunately, we’ve got Todd Gurley, so things like this tend to work out in our favor.

More to the point, I loved what I saw out of the resiliency of this Georgia team. The only problem was, a lot of what they had to overcome was self-inflicted, with turnovers being the story of the game. But let’s not take anything away from the team wearing that awful orange, Butch Davis has something going over there, and Tennessee will be real good again sooner than later. They’ll still lose to Georgia, but they’ll keep looking better while they do it.

The Good:

– I’m running out of ways to state how good Todd Gurley is. My internal thesaurus is just shrugging at me, because every week I think I dole out some over the top praise…and then he plays better the next week. This week, it was 208 rushing yards on 28 carries, 2 touchdowns, and at least 3 OH MY GOD moments.

– Let’s spread some love: the entire running game looked better this week for my money. There were a couple of plays where I thought the blocking could have been sharper, but no matter who was toting the rock, David Andrews and company did a great job on the front side, getting a hat on a hat and letting the running game do work.

– True Freshman Jalen Hurd had a decent day on the ground, but I was energized by how well this defense stepped up when they had to against him, including blowing up a their entire line coming out of their own end zone, and generating a defensive touchdown. Great job by the front seven.

– Pass rush. THAT is how you get after a quarterback. THAT is how you expose an overmatched back up. THAT is how you dominate a game.

The Bad:

– Hutson Mason’s interceptions were bad. I mean, REALLY bad. The growth out of the quarterback position has not been what we all hoped it would be this year, and Saturday was no different. Even the completed balls looked like they could have been better placed to enable receivers to make more moves up field. Hopefully, the anticipated return of receivers will result in the increase in confidence that we need out of the quarterback position.

– Not as upset with the pass defense as some people, because the pass rush was ON POINT all day. Justin Worley reminded us what a good passer he is, even under pressure, and I’m not one to hold perfect throws against a defense. What I want to see more of is better tackling after a catch, and maintaining the even keel that had been the defensive backfield’s calling card so far. Heads up back there guys, their players get coached up too, and they’re gonna make plays. Focus on the next one.

– Kick return coverage HAS to be better.

The Ugly:

– Nathan Peterman. Hahahahahahaha.

– Todd hurdling that boy on the sideline. Just nasty.

– Sony Michel looks to be hurt. *DRINKS*

People say that the win shouldn’t have been as close as it was, because the spread they set in Vegas is a certain number. Those numbers AREN’T predictions, they are designed to inspire betting. And while I am sure you will lose money betting on college kids, I am even more sure that a Vegas line is not the barometer of how a football game is going to unfold. We got the win, we might be getting some receivers back to open up the passing game, and we’re looking good heading into the match-up with Troy Vanderbilt. Damn auto-correct.

Go Dawgs.

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  1. I never believe in sure things. However, you can bet the house on Tennessee next year in Knoxville against UGA. They will also beat a lot of the remaining teams on there schedule this year. We have not produced a team like theirs in 12 years Butch has done it in 2 years???????

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