DudeYouGamblin’: Go ‘Canes or Cocaines? Five Betting Lines for Week 5

CRAP! It’s 11-something on Saturday morning and I haven’t given you picks yet! That may work out well for you, as I would be losing you money for the season right now. I personally don’t put my own money on anything until October, so while I don’t want a mulligan, know that I’m looking for trends.

I’m done betting on Georgia. I got the South Carolina line TOO right, and missed last week’s by, oh…25 points. Missouri was responsible for the WTF of the week, as they had a more-than-manageable line against a bad Indiana team, and lost. Rutgers won outright at Navy as road dogs, which is the only nice thing New Jersey has ever done for me. I had no doubt about Washington State covering at night against Oregon, and they delivered. And my San Diego State confirmation bias was emphatically denied. I blame the ‘gave up 70 points to a directional school’ North Carolina Tar Heels, who beat the ‘Tecs.

1) Kent State (+27.5) against Virginia: After watching UCLA’s romp over Arizona State on Thursday, I’m even more a believer in the Wahoos. Kent State is a bad team. However, Virginia’s O is still atrocious, and starting QB Grayson Lambert is questionable. A 31-7 Virginia win gives Kent the cover.

2) Vandy (+17.5) against Kentucky: 17.5? Are we considering Kentucky a successful renaissance project in the SEC East? Did I miss something? 17 points better than a team that has won 26 games over the past 3 years? (Yes, I realize that Vandy is really, REALLY bad.) But…man. I don’t know if we’re to the point where we can take Kentucky giving 3 scores against any Power 5 team, though.

This cannot be giving 17.5.

3) Notre Dame (-9.5) against Syracuse: I liked this one when I thought the game was in Syracuse. At MetLife, its essentially a Notre Dame home game. Syracuse boasts a 1-point win over FCS Villanova and a 24-point loss to Maryland. What am I missing here?

4) USC (-8.5) against Oregon State: Betting against the Beavers for the second straight week, which gives me slight pause. A bye for a still-scholarship-restricted USC after two physical games, and a home opener, and a mediocre Oregon State team…I guess this is my lock of the week.

5) Duke (+6) against Miami: You could combine the average home attendance for these two programs and almost fill an evangelical church. Like, a small one, not one of those creepy warehouse ones like in Borat. Based on 10 years’ closely-watched empirical evidence, Miami is a front-running team that allows the wheels to come off upon losses. To wit, they lost to a less-talented Nebraska team last week, and face a well-coached Duke team this week. I would probably take the Dookies straight-up here.

Go Canes or cocaine? Greater Miami chooses the latter.

Go Canes or cocaine? Greater Miami chooses the latter.

LAST WEEK: 2-3 OVERALL: 8-9. Ugh. This is becoming a self-callout.

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