NFL Football: Homecoming + Week 4 Picks

I got nothing.

I’ve spent the last (looks at calendar) call it 2 months reasonably outraged by sports, but I say no more. I’m in Atlanta for the weekend, UGA is going to DOMINATE that godawful Tennessee team on Saturday, and I refuse to let a bunch of idiots mess up my mood any more. There are way too many good stories in sports these days for me to focus on the other stuff.

Being home puts things in perspective that way, and the fact that I am going to see the greatest rap duo of all time (at least) once this weekend helps that perspective. If you’re in Atlanta, I implore you to beg, borrow and steal you way into Centennial Olympic Park this weekend, and find Chad Floyd and pepper him with ACC football questions. And take pictures with him. Lots of pictures.

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Never Forget

Now, for the one thing that could even POSSIBLY ruin my weekend: NFL Picks. As always, home teams are in bold.

Washington Professional Football Team (-3) over Giants

In my Steve Spurrier voice, “WHELP!” Look, prior to last night, Thursday night road teams were outscored by a total of 82 points over the first three weeks of the season. I apologize for nothing.

Bears (+2) over Packers

Yeah Packers fans, your team is just in the bottom half of the NFL in both passing and rushing, and their traveling to take on a very good Bears team.  PERFECT time to relax.

Texans (-3) over Bills

Welcome to the noodle arm quarterback bowl! In all seriousness, there’s a contingent of Bills fans who think that my picking against them is good luck. I mean, there has to be SOME reason they won those first two weeks, I just don’t know it. If I have this power, I plan to wield it unjustly and unfairly.

Colts (-7.5) over Titans

Remember when Jake Locker was a thing? The way we were, am I right?

Ravens (-3) over Panthers

It’s here guys. The Steve Smith Sr. Revenge Bowl is here. If I told you that he was going to play free safety, blitz every play and somehow still go for a 100 yards, you’d believe me. And THAT’S why this is a much watch. DeAngelo Williams knows.

Lions (-2) over Jets


Steelers (-7.5) over Buccaneers

I feel a little bad for Lovie Smith. Just a little.

Raiders (+3.5) over Dolphins

Our passive-aggressive war against England continues with our annual tradition of shipping an unwatchable football game to Wembley. 1776! 1776! 1776!


Falcons (-3) over Vikings

Teddy, welcome to the NFL. Try not to take this ass whipping personal, it’s just business. (Pun not intended, but totally intended)

Chargers (-13) over Jaguars

Every week, I think that the Jags line is too high, and every week I pick against them reluctantly. And then I win. The Streak lives.

Eagles (+5) over Niners

The Eagles are by far the best second half team in the league. The Niners are being outscored 52-3 in second halves this season. CUE THE BLINGEE!!

Cowboys (+3) over Saints

Irrational Totally rational hatred of the Saints notwithstanding, I think they might be the team Vegas doesn’t realize is bad yet. Stay tuned.

Patriots (-3) over Chiefs 

And the Andy Reid Kool-Aid Man goes back into hibernation. It was a good one game winning streak for KC.

WEEK 4 BEST BETS: Patriots, Falcons, Chargers

Last Week: 8-7-1

Season: 22-24-2

Best Bets Last Week: 0-3

Best Bets Season: 1-8

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