Florida Is Historically Bad, Everyone Misses Brandon Boykin, And More

Florida Being Florida

Florida’s offense is just bad. I remember during the pre-season the media was hyping up the Kurt Roper higher, and that Jeff Driskel has really turned into a great passer. Well all I saw in Tuscaloosa was the same ol’ Florida, and the same Jeff Driskel we all love to hate. Let’s be honest, Jeff Driskel has helped UGA more than he has hurt them. He is Florida’s Reggie Ball. Here is how bad Florida’s offense stacks up against last seasons Gators.

I Miss Brandon Boykin

Who is the SEC’s most valuable All-Purpose players? Brandon Boykin was one of the best all-purpose players I remember, but it just does not seem to have a Boykin style player this year. Georgia could certainly use Brandon Boykin not only in the return game, but as a reliable corner as well. He was lockdown. Who is some of the best all time all-purpose players? Here are the current all-purpose stars in the SEC.

UT’s FuneralĀ 

The Tennessee defensive coaches are teaching their players to focus on tackling Todd Gurley one on one. Good luck with that. I do not believe there is a player in the college football that can tackle Gurley one on one in the open field. Too big, too fast. I am looking forward to seeing these UT defensive players struggle tackling #3. Here is the coaching staffs full reasoning behind sending their players to the slaughter-house.




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