Can Georgia Win With Hutson Mason?

Who is Hutson Mason?

The Lassiter High School Quarterback was selected to the state of Georgia’s All-Decade team in 2010. Mason was the key factor in leading Lassiter to their first ever region title while throwing for over 3000 yards and 28 touchdowns. Those are Aaron Murray numbers right there, but too bad that is against high school kids. Mason committed to Georgia and had the privilege of sitting behind a legend in Aaron Murray for 4 years. Through the first 3 games this season, he has been less than spectacular, but this weekend we will see who Huston Mason really is.

Why Georgia Can Win With Mason:

He is a leader. The team respects his leadership and wants him to do well. He has one of the best backfields in the country to lean on, and hopefully open up the play-action passing game. Mason does not have the arm strength that Murray had, but that also helps with not feel like he can fit every pass into a tight space. Once Mason gets Mitchell and Scott-Wesley back I believe things are going to change in his favor.


Why Georgia Can NOT Win With Mason: (Throw the ball through the uprights) 

He lacks confidence. Whenever you see Mason dropping back to pass you do not have the good feeling that something great is going to happen like you did with Stafford, Greene, Murray, Shockley. Mason is a great team leader, but someone needs to get in his ear and say “we cannot win a championship without a QB”. He can be a great game manager, but the key with being a game manager is making plays when you have to. He does not make plays when he has to that is why UGA will not win the Title this season. They will have to pass to beat some teams, and I do not see Mason having enough backbone to make those throws.

What To Expect:

Georgia is still the best team in the East and they will more than likely win out barring injury. In order for UGA to win out they are going to have to extend the defense with the pass to free up the running backs. Florida, Auburn, and even Tennessee is going to be keying on the run game all night, so Mason needs to take advantage of the stacked box. Of the remaining games, Georgia could lose two of them. I do not want to say which two, but I think you all can fill in those blanks.



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