Crootin’: Where Each SEC Team Stands Nationally

Georgia To Overtake The Tide? 

We all know that recruiting rankings are all well and good, but they mean nothing if you do not produce on the field. Alabama has had 3 consecutive ESPN recruiting National Titles, and clearly they have showcased their ability on the field over that stretch of time. I am always intrigued at seeing how some of the highly touted recruits will pan out, and see who the bust will be. Georgia is hot on Alabama’s trail for the Number 1 overall class, but something tells me once signing day rolls around these recruits are going to get cold feet. Here is the current SEC recruiting standings:

  1. Alabama: 21 Total Commitments (#1 National)
    • Five Stars: 3
    • Four Stars:  14
    • 3 Stars: 4
  2. Georgia: 21 Total Commitments (#2 National)
    • Five Stars: 2
    • Four Stars: 9
    • Three Stars: 10
  3. South Carolina: 28 Total Commitments (#4 National)
    • Five Stars: ZERO, NONE, ZIP
    • Four Stars: 13
    • Three Stars: 15
  4. Texas A&M: 19 Total Commitments (#6 National)
    • Five Stars: 2
    • Four Stars: 10
    • Three Stars 7
  5. Auburn: 20 Total Commitments to the Cult Family (#8 National)
    • Five Stars: 1
    • Four Stars 10
    • Three Stars: 9

Crystal Ball

I could see UGA over taking Alabama if they can get the number one overall recruit, Josh Sweat, to commit but it will be interesting to see where he ends up. Sweat will be on campus this weekend, so make sure y’all make him feel right at home if you wanna beat the Tide. South Carolina should have a mark by it because they have no five-star players. How do you have the third best class in the SEC and a top 5 classin the country, but no five-star players? South Carolina can over sign all they want, but unless they start getting elite talent they are going to fall back to the mediocrity they are so used to.

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  1. How many 5 stars on the Gamecock team that just beat the dawgs? Ohh yeah.. None.

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