Georgia Football: Todd Gurley or Amari Cooper, Gurley’s Go-To Play, New Receiver Stepping Up, and More – Daily Dose of Dawg

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Who Would You Take: Todd Gurley or Amari Cooper

On ESPN today, two reporters made their argument for which player they’d rather have: Todd Gurley or Amari Cooper. I really don’t understand, though, how this is worth debating. Amari Cooper is an phenomenal receiver, maybe even the best in the SEC since AJ Green, and he might very well be as good a receiver as Gurley is a running back. Still, with a running back, you can make sure he gets the ball thirty times a game, and all you have to do is hand hand it off to him and let him do his thing. With a wide receiver, on the best of days you could only get him the ball 10-15 times, and you have to make sure your quarterback is good enough to get him the ball where he needs it.

My pick: TG3

ESPN’s Edward Aschoff and Alex Scarborough make their cases here.


The Toss Sweep

The toss sweep was certainly Herschel Walker’s go-to run play, but it seems that someone else is taking a liking to it. Against Clemson, Todd Gurley scored two touchdowns on the toss sweep and picked up a first down just about every other time the Dawgs ran that play. The toss sweep plays to Gurley’s strengths (vision and downhill running) and is an absolute nightmare for teams to defend.

ESPN breaks down the play here.

Example of Gurley and the toss sweep:


Shakenneth Williams Ready to Step Up

Shakenneth Williams, a (once 4-star) freshman receiver, made his first catch of his career on Saturday, and it seems like he’ll be called upon even more this season. With three receivers out due to a suspension and two injuries, Mike Bobo is looking for some other receivers to step up and help out with the depth. It will be very interesting to see how much Williams will be used this year, particularly in this Tennessee game, and whether or not he’ll be able to step up when his number is called.

Story on Williams here.


Gurley Interview: Tuesday Practice

Interview from Logan Booker of Bulldawg Illustrated. If you’re not already, make sure to follow Logan

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