Georgia Football: Don’t Let This Guy Become an All-American This Week

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A few short weeks ago, Dylan Thompson was immortalized before our own eyes.  In a flash of lightning (literally), a roll of thunder (literally) and a flood of missed coverage assignments (literally figuratively), Thompson became an All-American against Georgia’s defense.

His first-half numbers are still dizzying.

He hit on 19 of 25 passes for 240 yards, three TDs and no interceptions.  What’s that mean relative to the rest of his season?  His QB Rating over the first two quarters against Georgia was an insane 196.24.  That rating would rank third in the nation behind only Marcus Mariota and Bryce Petty’s backup at Baylor.  In the real world, Thompson’s QB Rating this year is 42nd.  And that first half performance was a full 41 points better than any of his other campaigns this year.

Justin Worley, Tennessee’s quarterback, cannot be the next Dylan Thompson.  Worley is as pedestrian as a two-year starter at a traditional power ever could be.  He’s not bad; don’t misread what I’m saying.  But he’s pedestrian.  He should go unnoticed in the Vols’ upcoming battle with the Bulldogs.  After the game, we should be saying, “Yeah, I think Worley played.  Let me double check.”

And it should be noted that I’m not speaking with some false sense superiority.  I’m speaking from experience.  As I’ve already referenced, Georgia’s defense is perfectly capable of making an opposing quarterback look better than necessary.  But I’ve watched every game Tennessee has played this year, and I’m not entirely convinced Worley even played in any of them.

He was at his best against Utah State, completing 27 of 38 passes for 273 yards, but despite what Tennessee fans would have you believe…Utah State is still Utah State.  Translation: the Aggies also struggled against Wake Forest and lost to Arkansas State.

Speaking of Arkansas State, Worley hit on 22 of 38 passes for 247 yards against the Wolves.  So, I guess he did play.

Against Oklahoma, he connected on just 21 of 44 passes for 201 yards, one TD and two INTs.  And truthfully, that Sooner defense is the opposing unit that most closely resembles Georgia’s defense—from both a talent and production standpoint.  Oklahoma has allowed 16.7 points per game against four FBS foes but no ranked opponents.  Georgia has allowed 19.7 points per game against three FBS foes, two of which were ranked.  Oklahoma has allowed 349.8 yards per game; Georgia has allowed 318.

Here’s to hoping Justin Worley is “there” and that’s the best thing we can say about him on Saturday.

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