NFL Football: Week Three GIF Round Up

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Welcome to your weekly NFL GIF round up. Please stay seated, and keep your arms and legs inside the cart at all times,.

Falcons 56, Buccaneers 14

So much abuse in this game, the NFL is going to claim they never saw the tape.


Cowboys 34, Rams 31

A pick six happened, and Tony Romo didn’t throw it (jk lol, he totally threw one, but this one ended the game).

Washington Professional Football Team 34, Eagles 37

DJacc made a splashy return to Philly, but the Eagles won the fight started by the second GIF, and then they won the game.

DeSean Jackson Scores 81-Yard Touchdown, Taunts Former Team

Big Hit On Nick Foles Sparks Brawl Between Eagles And Washington

Vikings 9, Saints 20

Saints got their first win of the year, but there was no way I was not gonna run this GIF. BAH GAWD, THAT MAN HAS A FAMILY! (Jim Ross voice, of course)


Titans 7, Bengals 33

Titans fans: Andy Dalton is stylin’ on you. That is all.


Ravens 23, Browns 21

I am absolutely giddy at the idea of the Steve Smith Sr. revenge tour vs. the Panthers next week. He may ask to play offense AND defense.

Packers 7, Lions 19

Stephen Tulloch tore his ACL celebrating a sack. It’s not indicative of the game, but it IS indicative of the Lions.

Raiders 9, Patriots 16


Vince Wilfork Pinball Interception Locks Up New England Win

Broncos 20, Seahawks 26

INSANE fourth quarter and overtime, as the Broncos put up a better showing than the Super Bowl, just not good enough. Not the way you want to come back from suspensions/concussions for Welker here.

Chiefs 34, Dolphins 15

Hartline sunk the putt, but the Chiefs won their first game.  CUE KOOL-AID ANDY REID!

Brian Hartline Flagged For Golfing Touchdown Celebration

Steelers 37, Panthers 19

This is an interpretive GIF, wherein Joey Porter represents the Carolina Panthers.

Careful, Joey!

Bears 27, Jets 19

This is who you are Jets
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