LSU Players Got Stomped by the Bulldogs on Saturday, Literally.

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In college football, there’s a lot of dirtiness that goes on that we may turn a blind eye to just as long as it helps our team to win games.

On Saturday, the Miss State bulldogs marched into death valley and came out with a 34-29 win against LSU. For MSU’s center Dillon Day, he lets his feet do the talking (or should I say stomping?).

The first victim to fall to Day was Davon Godchaux who takes a massive stepping to the stomach AFTER the play was called. I repeat, AFTER the play was called.

So maybe it was just an accident?

Not so fast.

Later in the game, Day spots out Rashard Robinson and decides to jump after the family jewels, which ended up taking Robinson out of the game.


How dirty and classless can you be to stomp on not one BUT two LSU players?

Last year, Day was suspended for half a game after stomping on players in the Auburn game.

How he’s still getting away with this baffles me. It’s insulting to the game of football and it brings the definition of playing dirty to a new low.

Here’s what the young man looks like if you’d like to warn your team to look out for him.


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