Cadet Saves Reveille, SEC Dominates The NFL, And More

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Must Love Dogs

Texas A&M has a lot of traditions that do not make any sense me. The one that really kills me is the yell leaders instead of cheerleaders at their football games. For the longest time I did not believe they had women at A&M, and honestly I am still not 100% convinced. One tradition I admire most is that the mascot (Reveille) is the highest ranking member of the Corps of Cadets at A&M, and is treated like it too. Reveille is watched over by the “mascot corporal who takes Reveille everywhere with him. This includes class, dates, and I am guessing the bathroom as well. If Reveille falls asleep on his bed, he must sleep on the floor until she moves. This past Saturday an SMU player was headed full steam toward the A&M mascot, only to be blocked by Cadet Ryan Krieder. Krieder has been praised since his heroics on Saturday and rightfully so. Check out the full contact block here.

SEC Dominating The NFL

The SEC dominates the NFL. If you look on any NFL roster you will see that at least one NFL team has a key player that played in the Southeastern Conference. This past week we saw big performances by former Alabama player Julio Jones, and former Arkansas standout Knile Davis. There is so many talented SEC players and it is great seeing them excel at the next level. Here is a full breakdown of top performers from week 3.

MSU Is Still 4th Best

Even though I called the Miss State win over LSU, I still did not believe it would be an “upset”. LSU has struggled all year trying to get the pass going and when they finally faced a team with some what of a pass rush, the allowed their weaknesses to show up in full bloom. Can LSU find a QB that will allow them to open up the defense, or is this going to be Les Miles worst year at LSU? Check out Tony Barnhart’s take here.



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