Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Troy Edition

A week ago, the sky was falling, the #FireBobo birds were out, and the defense could do nothing right. Blowing out an overmatched Troy squad didn’t wash away the bad taste in the collective mouth of the UGA fan base, but I can say that 66-0 made sleeping less fitful. Also, the lack of weapons grade moonshine in my system might have helped a fair amount, I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.

What I do know is this: the secondary continued to play aggressively, which is what we as fans needed to see after they got eviscerated in Columbia, the front seven got off blocks (RIGHT?) and the freshman showed why you people get excited for recruiting news. Still winning (even against overmatched teams that got a fat check to get beat up on an otherwise nice Saturday afternoon) hides the problems, losing magnifies them, but the problems are always there.

The Good:

– El running game. Thought they were going to pull the “everyone in the stands gets a carry”, but realized that Brendan Douglas had just been pushed that far down the depth chart. I for one was glad to see Todd get the hell out of there after six carries no matter what it might have meant for his hypothetical Heisman chances (spoilers: Andrew is wrong), because a game like this, he had everything to lose, nothing to gain. And once he took a seat, we got to see what the next guys up can do, and it’s a LOT. Sony Michel got LOOSE, Isaiah McKenzie averaged 27 yards a carry, and Nick Chubb and his #ChubbClubb did one-handed work. I’d like to think this had nothing to do with Terrell Davis on the sideline.

– Defense produced one fumble that counted, a few more that didn’t, and grabbed a pick. What was most impressive was that this team seemed to exhibit the short memory you NEED to have in college football. Where we as spectators get to focus on one or two blown assignments, it’s the job of the young men on the field to focus on making the next play the best play. If it was the Terry pick or a timely sack, this team made big plays and stops when they needed to.

– This is NOT a good job by special teams, though maybe it should be since nothing went wrong in that area on Saturday. No, this is Isaiah McKenzie getting that work, and going OFF on punt return duty on Saturday. He and Michel bring an element of creativity and danger in space that has been lacking from this Georgia team in recent memory, and that success of this team in spite of not having that open field threat speaks to the ability of this coaching staff. But, if we can find ways to use these young bucks in special teams and in the offense (OMG #WildDawg), be terrified WORLD.

The Bad:

– I’m not gonna do, what you THINK I’m gonna do, and start contradicting myself from the above points by nitpicking a win, but I will say this: our most experienced and best DB, Damian Swann didn’t play at all, and I didn’t notice until midway through the second quarter. If there isn’t going to be a singular standout in the defensive backfield, that’s fine. But, I’m going to need the collective football IQ of the unit to keep climbing week after week.

– Either we have decided to play to our strengths, or play away from our weaknesses, but it looks like this coaching staff has fully committed to this being a running offense going forward. While I am completely on-board with this move (that many running backs = fresh legs against tired defenses), I genuinely hope it is the former not the latter. One of the staples of Bobo’s offense these past few years has been balance between the run and the pass, and while the offensive focus can and should be the ground game, let’s not get entirely away from the flashes of greatness goodness that we saw out of Mason Saturday.

The Ugly:

– JJ Green’s targeting call. GTFO of here ref.

– Keith. *throws hat* F****** Keith. Talk to the people, Chad.

Look, I love a good blowout over an overmatched team as much as the next guy. Watching your team literally run any opponent out of the building is a good feeling, but I remain unsettled even with scoring the most points since 1994. There will always be a segment of my brain that says that a balanced offensive attack is the best way to win, but looking at the talent in the backfield, who can be mad at the imbalance early?

Glad to see the coaches giving more responsibility to the youngsters, with Jeb Blaze getting his first start on Saturday. hopefully, this youth movement continues to pay dividends, and the fact that we HAVE a #WildDawg formation both excites and terrifies me. Let’s accept the big win, and get the hate up for Tennessee this weekend.

Go Dawgs.

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  1. Enough with the Troy (JV team) practice on Saturday. Time to get ready for the vols.. Beating us would make their season (and be a big push for them with recruiting in the ATL). Let me remind everybody – just because we have beat them the last few years – we do NOT like them!!

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