Georgia Football: A New Face In Georgia’s Secondary, Michel and McKenzie Interviews, Mason Aware of Potential Upset, Photos of Saturday’s Action – Daily Dose of Dawg

Photo courtesy of Logan Booker of Bulldawg Illustrated

Photo courtesy of Logan Booker of Bulldawg Illustrated

Tramel Terry Looking to Step Up

Tramel Terry, one of Georgia’s best recruits from the 2013 class, finally made his first appearance in the Red & Black after sitting out last year due to a knee injury. Terry came in to play safety late in the game, and didn’t look all that bad. Granted, he was playing against a glorified high school team when the game was already put away, but he showed good effort and had a nice interception in the endzone. Now, I liked seeing Tramel get on the field, but I hated where he was playing. I think Georgia coaches made a HUGE mistake when they moved him to safety. He has the talent to be an average safety, but the skill set to be an elite receiver. I know Georgia’s secondary depth was pretty thin, but there’s such a steep learning curve for Terry that he’ll never actually get on the field in big game situations. We really need receivers right now that can make plays, and Terry would have been able to contribute in a big way had the Georgia coaches left him at his original position.

He are his highlights from high school:

Article on Terry seeing his first action and the drama that took place before the game here.


Post-Game Interviews With Sony Michel and Isaiah McKenzie


Videos taken by Logan Booker of Bulldawg Illustrated.


Mason Knows This Could Be A Dangerous Game and Other Game Notes

“If you don’t take Tennessee seriously, they will beat you and they will ruin your season,” Mason said.

For whatever reason, the Tennessee game is often much closer than it actually should be. Take last year, for example, when Georgia needed a last second touchdown to force overtime against a terrible, over-matched Tennessee team. This time around, however, Georgia knows to take them seriously.

Story and game notes by Marc Weiszer here.


Great Pictures From Saturday

Logan Booker, an exceptional writer/photographer for Bulldawg Illustrated, took some great pictures from the Bulldogs’ 66-0 win over the Trojans of Troy.

Pre-game pictures here.

1st half pictures here.

2nd half pictures here.


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