QB’s Parents Do Not Love Him, Auburn’s Luck Continues, And More

When Does The Luck Run Out

I just hate Auburn. They had a horseshoe up their butt last season so you think the luck would have ran out by now, but no they continue to get every key bounce. Watching the Auburn-KState game was literally infuriating to me. Just for starters, Auburn had a bad snap on a punt and the punter got a candy hop into his chest and proceeded to drill it inside the 20. KState missed 3 field goals. Welcome to the club KState. Missing field goals is something as an Alabama fan I have come to expect. Here is the miraculous punt.

Fire Jimbo

Jimbo Fisher has taken a lot of heat for his decision to sit Jameis Squintston for only a half after yet another immature showing from the Hesiman winner. I support the heat Jimbo is getting because I am tired hearing the same “i’m sorry, to FSU, my teammates, and all those I have disappointed” because Jameis is not sorry. He is not learning from his mistakes, and when he does go to the NFL, I look for him to be owning a car wash within 5 years after signing a contract. Jimbo is not sending any message other than the fact he thinks they can beat Clemson in one half. Listen to Jimbo defending his decision here.

Daddy Wasn’t There

FSU Backup Sean Maguire’s parents gave away tickets to this weekends game because they did not believe he would play in this game. Well I guess the joke is on them because he is going to get a full 30 minutes of action before the crab stealin’, alleged rapist, Jameis Winston comes in and steals the show. I am really looking forward to his post game press conference where he tells us how much he has learned from this and how much of a better person he is. But I think we can all root for young Maguire even if his parents are not there to do the same. Check out there reasoning here.



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