Georgia Will Lose To Florida This Year: The Year of Desperation


Georgia Is The Better Team

Florida is not a better team than UGA. South Carolina was not a better team than UGA, but they won because their season was on the line and had desperation to do so. Georgia has an extremely talented team, coaching staff, and a favorable schedule, but I just do not see them having to play with the fire that comes with desperation. 2007 after the Dawgs go embarrassed in Knoxville, they went on and won every single game after that because they were desperate.

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner 

Will Muschamp would lose his job if he loses to UGA for a 4th time in a row. I see Florida playing their best game of the entire season against the Dawgs. I see Jeff Driskel running for 85 yards and throwing for 185 and a couple touchdowns. I hate that I am seeing Florida win this year, but I just do not like the Gators being backed into a corner. The game is always close no matter who has the better team, it typically comes down to who can commit the least amount of unsportsmanlike penalties. Advantage: Whoever does not retaliate



Doors Will Open

The only way I see UGA winning this game is if South Carolina loses to someone before the Florida game. I think that would give UGA an edge and have something to play for other than just hopes and dreams. With a South Carolina loss UGA would have to win out to win the East, and I can see South Carolina losing at least two more games this year, putting the ball back in Georgia’s court.

We Didn’t Start The Fire 

Each and every season I feel like we talk about “who needs to lose so UGA can go to Atlanta”, and that is not what you want to be talking about in September. Georgia has elite talent at every position. A Heisman candidate in the backfield, and a more than favorable schedule the rest of the way. Georgia needs to find a way to light a fire the rest of the season, or the Gators will sneak up and ruin the cocktail party, and SEC title hopes.



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