Richt, Saban, Miles and Spurrier: Who Do You Take Off A Bye Week?

We all assume that when our teams are coming off bye weeks, that they should be more prepared and a victory should more than likely happen. But who in the SEC has the best record coming off bye weeks? Mark Richt just lost another game coming off a bye week, and as of late it seems like UGA plays a little more flat when not playing a game the week before. Here is a list of the longest tenured coaches in the SEC right now, and how they stack up coming off the bye week.


1.  Nick Saban: 48 Total SEC Games

  • 85.4 %win percentage coming off bye weeks
  • 90.5% win percentage at home
  • 100% win percentage in September and October
  • 42.9% win percentage in November (Always a bye week before LSU game for both teams)


2. Les Miles: 62 Total SEC Games

  • 74.2% win percentage coming off bye weeks
  • 83.9% win percentage at home
  • 68.2% win percentage in November

3. Mark Richt: 67 SEC Total SEC Games 

  • 64.2% win percentage coming off bye weeks
  • 65.7% win percentage at home
  • 71.4% win percentage in September
  • 57% win percentage in November



4. Steve Spurrier: 59 Total SEC Games 

  • 54.2% win percentage coming off bye weeks
  • 62.1% win percentage at home
  • 40% win percentage in November



The biggest surprise on this list is the fact that Spurrier fourth. For as much as people want to put him ahead of Nick Saban, they should really look at the data. I am a firm believer that if you give Nick Saban more than a week to prepare for an opponent he has a great chance to come out victorious. Richt has a pretty solid win percentage, but his losses have always been lackluster performances after a bye week. Who would you take?

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