Rapper Drake Disses Johnny Football, Mizzou SEC East Favorite, And More


Both Georgia and South Carolina have one SEC loss. Mizzou and Florida do not as of right now. I believe Florida will lose in Tuscaloosa this weekend, but when will Mizzou lose there first SEC game? After this weekend they play SC, UGA, and Florida in three consecutive weeks. If Matty Mauk can somehow get the Tigers through that stretch with only one loss, you could see Mizzou repeat as SEC East Champs. Personally, I believe Georgia will bounce back and win out the rest of the way, but depending on what team shows up against Florida and Auburn will be the key. Here is why Mizzou is the favorite.


Drake and Johnny 

Drake only roots for winners. He does not want to wear the jersey of a guy who is a back up in Cleveland, he wants a star. Drake is a Miami Heat fan, Yankees, Red Sox, Cowboys, Seattle, Thunder, Knicks, and until recently a huge Johnny Football fan. Now he reps another college player. That is until he ends up not being a star in the NFL or Kenny “Trill” Hill wins the Heisman. Check out who he is supporting now.




Auburn’s Finest

The Round Mound of Rebound, aka Charles Barkley threw out the first pitch at a Cubs game this week. It was about as good as anyone could have hoped for. I mean he did not even come close. I do not understand why they get certain people to throw out first pitches if they know they are going to be bad. I mean I know if someone said “Alex come throw out the first pitch”, I would practice like hell before I went out there and made a complete fool of myself. But I guess Chuck does not mind. Here is the atrocious first pitch.




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