Georgia Football: Player Poops Pants While Playing Georgia, Question in UGA Backfield, Where’s The Pass Rush?, and More- Daily Dose of Dawg

3-Headed Monster? - Photo courtesy of Logan Booker

3-Headed Monster? – Photo courtesy of Logan Booker

Player Poops Himself Against Georgia

Pooping in sports is something I’ve always wondered about. You never see anybody run off the field/court when they’re on the sideline to go pinch a loaf, but you know that at some point, an athlete has just got to go. Well, that happened to Brian Dawkins when his Clemson team played Georgia at Sanford Stadium, except he didn’t have time to make it off the field.


Who the Heck Is Second String?

Going into this 2014 football season, we all expected Keith Marshall to be the solid #2 running back. We had heard how he was completely healthy after suffering a knee injury, and many said he actually looked better than before. Well, in the few carries he’s had so far this season, he hasn’t looked at all like himself, or even a division one running back for that matter. Against Clemson, Marshall rushed for only 8 yards on 6 carries, and against South Carolina, he had only 2 yards on 1 carry. Now, I don’t think it’s that Marshall is awful all of a sudden, but I do believe that the coaches weren’t necessarily truthful with how ready Marshall was coming off the torn ACL. For now, though, freshmen running backs, Sony Michel and Nick Chubb, are doing an amazing job backing up Gurley, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they hold on to their spots ahead of Marshall for the remainder of the year.

Story on running back depth chart here.


Can Anybody Pass Rush? Anybody?

Perhaps just as bad as the secondary in the week three loss to the Game Chickens was the defensive line and linebackers. Thompson’s jersey didn’t get so much as a droplet of mud on it the entire night, and it was really quite frustrating to watch. Every time he would drop back, we would wait, and wait, and wait for just one defender to get close to him, and maybe have a chance of at least sniffing his jersey. Well that happened all of one time, and as a result, the Bulldog defense was picked apart the entire night.

Hopefully, they’ll fix whatever was wrong. Otherwise, we’ll all be tuning in to watch the Dawgs take on Tulane in the Little Caesars Toilet Bowel come December. Story on the UGA pass rush here.


Inside Georgia Football Episode Four has released the fourth episode of “Inside Georgia Football.” Not as much fun to watch following a loss, but still, it’s worth a taking a look at. Video here.

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