SEC Power Rankings, Week 4

Don’t look at this as me mailing it in, look at this as me giving you a fairly precise idea of how the league stacks up.

1) SEC West: 17-1, with one inevitable Arkansas loss because they don’t do ties in college football anymore.  There are five (5) FIVE! West teams in the top 10 of this week’s poll. That ish cray.  As ‘challenger to the SEC throne’, the Pac-12 has five teams ranked in the top 25, and #6 (Washington) comes in at 38. Hell, Arkansas is dead last in the division and comes in at 41. The Big XII boasts 4 total teams, the B1G somehow has 3, and the ACC has 2 thanks to UNC dropping after a convincing win over ‘bye’ and Virginia Tech losing to directional Carolina.

2) SEC East: 12-4, because Vanderbilt no longer counts. 0-1 vs. the SEC West, 2-2 versus itself, o-1 versus Oklahoma. But HEY, FLORIDA BEAT EASTERN MICHIGAN!

101) Vanderbilt: Falling out of the top 100 in a measure that (at most) covers 14 teams is an impressive feat, but the ‘Dores done did it in a game that only counts as a win on the scoreboard.

Giving you the business,


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  1. “Don’t look at this as me mailing it in…”

    Should I also ignore the stamp in the upper right hand corner? BOOM ROASTED.

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