SEC Contenders: Each Team Gets One Player From Last Season

If you could have one player off of last year’s team who would it be? One player that would help your team the most. There is only one stipulation, it cannot be a quarterback. Every contender in the SEC lost their starting QB for the most part, so clearly you would all take the signal caller. I am asking you to look deep and really think about who would make the biggest impact on your team. Here is my recommended players for each SEC contender.

Alabama: Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

  • The Tide need some DB help. They have been struggling on the deep ball all season and a play maker like Ha-Ha would make a huge difference. Also, it is funny hearing Gary and Verne say his name. I believe that with Ha-Ha it would take the Alabama defense to 2011 levels of lockdown.

Auburn: Void 

  • No one. They cheat so they do not get help.

Georgia: Josh Harvey-Clemons 

  • Listen I know he had his issues, but my goodness could he cover some ground. I believe he could be one of the best players Jeremy Pruitt has ever coached at the star position. He would help a UGA defense that was gashed by South Carolina, and I believe that with his help they could have won that game. One player like Clemons could have made the difference in getting one or two more key stops.

South Carolina: Jadeveon Clowney 

  • Duh. I mean you have to game plan around this guy. Whether you liked his attitude or not, he is one of the most intimidating players to ever play in the SEC. With Clowney, SC would have a little easier time stopping the run, and a much better pass rush.

Florida: Do They Really Want Anybody? 

  • Last year was a dumpster fire so I believe it is in the best interest of their entire program to just start from scratch. The only person I would recommend would be Percy Harvin. I know he has been gone for a while, but if there is anyway they could get him back, they should really consider doing it.

Who would you want on your team from last year? We all know UGA fans want Aaron Murray (even though he had a worse performance against SC then Mason), the Tide wants McCarron, and SC wants Conner Shaw. Even though they would make a huge difference on each of these teams, I am sure you can think of a position that is so depleted that you are begging for the guy who was at you school last year to come back.


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  1. johnnyboysanders

    Give me Trigga Tray Matthews over Josh Harvey-Clemons all day, every day. Both are absolute idiots, but at least Matthews would have an extra year of eligibility. And I will NEVER want a player on my team that single-handedly lost to Auburn… Yes pun intended. Matthews, at least, was in position to intercept it.

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