Muschamp Drinks Budweiser, Gurley Now Number Two, and More

Bud Heavy Kind of Night

If you could have a beer with any coach in the SEC who would it be? The guys over at Saturday Down South are going coach by coach to asking them questions they would ask over a beer. This week they are talking to Will Muschamp over a nice Bud Heavy. I think if there is one coach who drinks bud heavy, its Muschamp. Check out the full “interview” here.

Change Is Bad

I am just not a fan of throw back uniforms, and alternate uniforms at all. Call me old school, but the best uniforms are the ones that have not changed over the course of time. Alabama, Notre Dame, Penn State, are just a few examples of the uniforms that have not really had major changes over time. Oregon is just a side show in my opinion, because how can a fan buy a jersey if you have hundreds of combinations? Texas A&M is trying to throwback some uniforms soon, check them out here.

Manti = Golson 

ESPN Heisman watch is just comical. Everett Golson is on this list. Do we need to remind the Heisman voters what happened last time a Notre Dame player was a Heisman finalist? Todd Gurley is 2nd behind Marcus Mariotta which I am not upset about. Maritotta is a fine QB who puts up the “sexy” stats. But if you wanted to give the award to the best player in the country, number 3 would get it this year. Full list here.

Vandy Cracks the Top 25

Who is the worst team in the country? No one ever debates it, but honestly Vanderbilt could make a strong case with the nail biter against UMass. They are 16th on this list, so that means there are 15 worse teams then the ‘dores. Hats off to Derrick Mason for not being the worst team in the country in his first year. James Franklin is looking like a God right now. Here is the full list.



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  1. When Spurrier took over in SC 10 years i told my wife that day SC would be a better team in 4 years. Was i right? you bet you Arst i was. Why because Spurrier is a winner. That’s what winners do. UGA are you happy with the loser???? And remember we play in the SEC east division. That’s like playing in the ACC without FS

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