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Gurley's reaction to not getting the ball on 1st and goal - Courtesy of

Gurley’s reaction to not getting the ball on 1st and goal – Courtesy of

ESPN Admits That Georgia Got Cheated

Throughout the game, Georgia had its fair share of opportunities to try to win, and maybe they shouldn’t have let the game be so close that a referee could decide it. Still, if Marshall Morgan hits those field goals he always makes (he missed 2 all of last season and only one from under 50 yards), and there wasn’t the terrible holding call, Georgia wins this game. Now USC fans will scoff at this idea and say that they won the game fair and square, but they should know that they are certainly in the minority when it comes to this way of thinking.

Andrea Adelson of ESPN discusses how and why the referees determined the outcome of the UGA/USC game here.

Bobo and Pruitt Face the Media: One Defends, One Takes Blame

It really bugged me after the South Carolina game when neither of the coordinators made themselves available to face the media. I think that is one of your jobs as a coach, and you’re certainly getting paid enough to go spend a couple minutes telling the world what you were thinking in some key moments.

Well, last night Bobo and Pruitt stepped up and answered for their actions in a surprise media session. Bobo defended his play-call on first and goal, but other than that he seemed to admit that he did some things wrong. He was much more guarded and defensive than Pruitt, but at the same time, he really didn’t have that bad of a game. He put up what should have been enough points to win, and it was Pruitt’s side that really let the team down. Pruitt knows this and he took the full blame for what his defense did:

“It’s embarrassing for me to be a part of a team that scores 35 points and you lose a football game,” Pruitt said. “That’s pretty embarrassing. And I’ll be the first to say I’ve got to do my part on this side to fix that so that doesn’t happen again.”

I loved Pruitt’s response to this. Most of us know that he wasn’t the real problem on this defense Saturday night, but I loved seeing a defensive coordinator that would stand up for his guys and own up to any mistakes he made. I don’t know if Todd Grantham would have done that for all the doughnuts in the world, and that’s saying something:

Courtesy of the Marietta Daily Journal

Interview with Mike Bobo here.

Interview with Jeremy Pruitt here.

Shattle Fenteng Out For Two Weeks

Shattle Fenteng, whose been sidelined with a dislocated shoulder, has been shut down for two weeks. He had been trying to practice on the hurt shoulder, but Pruitt said it just wasn’t fair to Shattle to put him out there while he was dealing with that. The two weeks actually started last week, so if everything goes as planned, he should be good to go against the Volunteers on the 27th. I’m really excited about seeing this kid play as we heard such good things about him coming into this year. As we all saw on Saturday, this secondary needs a play-maker, and hopefully, he can be that for us.

Chip Towers of the AJC has the story on Fenteng here.

Todd Gurley Still Leads the SEC Heisman Race

Despite South Carolina putting 8, 9, and sometimes 10 people in the box, Todd Gurley still had a pretty good game against the Gamecocks. He had 20 carries for 131 yards and a touchdown, and if not for the phantom holding penalty, he would have had 185 yards and 2 touchdowns. Still, anyone watching Saturday night could tell that he was by far the best player on the field and was doing everything possible to try to win that game:

Skip ahead to 1:13

Then there’s also this.

Tyran Mathieu thinks Todd Gurley is pretty good:

It’s nice to see that he is getting a lot of well-deserved media attention, and if he keeps it up on the field, he’ll certainly be in New York when December rolls around.

Here is what ESPN has to say about Todd Gurley’s Heisman chances.

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