Georgia To Play In Orlando Again, High Schooler’s Huge Hit, And More

Clowney Part 2

Jocquez Bruce, a UT commit, had a pretty impressive hit this past friday in one of his Knoxville area games. People are comparing this hit to “the hit” that Jadeveon Clowney made his name for. Personally, I was never that impressed with Clowney’s hit because if you really watch the video, no one blocked for the severely undersized running back, and Alec Ogeltree could have done the same thing. Check out the UT commit’s hit here.

Mark Richt Loves Orlando

Can UGA make is an unprecedented 3 out of 4 years headed back to Orlando for a bowl game? I mean who doesn’t love playing Nebraska? These two teams were meant for one another after both teams typically losing a game they are not supposed to each and every year. Where do you think the Dawgs will go bowling this year? Full week three projections here.

Stereotypes Are Fun

I have never been a fan of PDA, but truthfully this is just awesome. These two LSU fans were so trashed on saturday that they ignored the fact they were in a stadium, and just went full on lip-lock before busting their butts. This picture pretty much sums up LSU fans and the stereotype that they have following them. I know some LSU fans, not all are bad, but most are. Check out the tonsil hockey here.



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