Georgia Football: UGA Defense Ranked Worse Than Last Year, Suspended Linebacker Returns, Mason’s Timing Is Off, and More – Daily Dose of Dawg

Pretty Much Every Defensive Play - Courtesy of

Pretty Much Every Defensive Play – Courtesy of

Georgia’s Pass Defense: Its Weakest Link

If you’ve watched the Bulldogs at all the last couple years, you know that the pass defense, particularly the secondary, is the worst part of this team. Every year it seems like we’re saying the same thing, “Our secondary will stink, obviously, but if we can get enough pressure on the quarterback, maybe it won’t matter.” Well, the Dawgs got zero pressure this Saturday, and thus made a very average quarterback look like Peyton Manning.

It’s only been two games, and Georgia did open up with two ranked teams, but the Bulldogs are actually ranked worse in pass defense this year, than they were under Grantham in 2013 (2013: 60th in Pass Defense; 84th in Pass Efficiency Defense/2014: 67th in Pass Defense; 97th in Pass Efficiency Defense). What’s even worse is that teams know exactly how to attack the Bulldogs, and it works quite well :

“The coaching staff, we had a game plan,” said South Carolina receiver Nick Jones, who had four catches for 87 yards. “We were working on that all week. We knew the middle of the field would be wide open.”

The Bulldogs certainly need to get things together on defense in a hurry or this is going to be one long season. Story about UGA looking to fix its pass defense here.


Davin Bellamy Set to Return

Davin Bellamy - Photo Courtesy of 247 Sports

Davin Bellamy – Photo Courtesy of 247 Sports

Outside linebacker, Davin Bellamy, is finally set to return after serving a two game suspension for a DUI. Bellamy was redshirted last year, but has looked quite good and drawn a lot of praise from coaches this offseason. I expect big things from Bellamy, and I think he’ll add even more depth which, after Saturday, we seem to need. Who knows, maybe he’ll actually be able to touch the quarterback’s jersey.

Story on Bellamy here.


Hutson Mason and Receivers Just Not On the Same Page

Hutson Mason - Photo Courtesy of Macon Telegraph

Hutson Mason – Photo Courtesy of Macon Telegraph

Numerous times on Saturday Mason was throwing behind receivers, or he’d throw a ball and the receiver wouldn’t be ready. It was frustrating to watch, and probably even more frustrating for the coaches. Now I’m not sure if it was Mason’s fault, the receiver’s fault, or a little of both, but it certainly needs to be fixed. Something else I’ve noticed is that Hutson puts way too much air under balls and just seems to float them out there (with the exception of that one tough pass to Conley on the sideline). Now this could have been due to the fact that he just doesn’t throw too well in the rain, but it’s still something I worry about.

His receivers have confidence in him, and I sure hope they’re right:

“The one thing I will say about that, is we’ve seen him do it in the past, we’ve seen him do it versus Georgia Tech, he did it against Kentucky and obviously we’ve seen him do it in practice,” he said. “We have no issues with that.” – Chris Conley

Story on Mason and receivers here. All quotes from Anthony Dasher,


Nick Chubb Likely to Miss Troy Game Due to Broken Thumb

Yesterday, Nick Chubb had surgery to repair a broken thumb. Richt said that he could be back practicing by Thursday, and if he feels good on Saturday, he’ll let him play. Chubb seems like a tough kid, so I think regardless of how he feels, he’ll tell the coaches he’s good to go. If I’m Richt, though, I’d hold him out, no question. You don’t need him in this game, but you will need him going forward. Why even risk the chance of him injuring his thumb even further?

Story on Chubb here.


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