Georgia Football: 1st and Bobo, Richt Sending in Complaints, J.J. Green to Play, and More – Daily Dose of Dawg

Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report

Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report

I’ll preface this Daily Dose of Dawg by letting you know that everything will have a twinge of negativity in it, as it very well should.

What Was Bobo Thinking?

If you’re anything like me, the meltdown of this Georgia team in crucial situations is still affecting your mood. You want to try to get over the loss, but you just can’t believe (or maybe you can) the Dawgs gave that game away like they did. Well, over the many years of being a Bulldog fan and the many, many letdowns I’ve had to endure, I have learned that the best way to cope with this type of loss is to get all your emotions out in one big rant rather than let them fester insde.

Mark Bradley of the AJC wrote an interesting piece that kind of defends Mike Bobo’s actions. Now, if you agree with Bradley, feel free to read here, but I certainly do not. Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that stupid quote about hindsight being 20/20, but this is just common sense. You have the BEST running back in the SEC since Herschel Walker, and you choose to put the ball in the hands of your average quarterback? You cannot throw one reason out there that will actually justify Bobo’s cute play calling. You run the ball 3, 4 times, and you come out of Columbia with a win. Instead, we see the same meltdown we’ve seen for years. It also really bugs me that Bobo is wasting one of the greatest running backs of all time and won’t even stick around after the game to own up to his actions.

Now I will say this about Mike Bobo. I DO NOT think he is an awful coach by any means. The man still put up 35 points on the road in a hostile environment on Saturday and has had one of the best offenses in the SEC for the last couple of years. If he can eliminate all that cutesy play calling in crucial situations and just go with his bread and butter, Todd Gurley, the man will be just about perfect in my eyes.

Chip Towers of the AJC wrote on article on 1st and Bobo here.


Richt Unhappy With Some Calls

To the Bulldog’s defense, this was quite possibly the worst officiated Georgia game I have ever seen. Momentum was on Georgia’s side, and everything was going great until the phantom holding penalty was called on the Human Holding Machine, Bradon Kublanow. Even ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, with no UGA affiliation, thought it was a horrible call:

Although the play never should’ve been run in the first place, Hutson’s tipped pass on the four yard line was certainly not intentional grounding. The ball clearly bounced off the USC defender’s leg and changed trajectory.

Also, as I’m sure you’ve seen before, the ball clearly did not touch the first down marker at the end of the game.


















Oh, and for all you people with two brain cells that say the ball only has to be past the last link:











Mark Richt with comments here.


Mark Richt Sunday Teleconference

On Sunday, Richt did his weekly teleconference and had some interesting things to say. Quotes here. One of which is that some other guys like J.J. Green are going to get an opportunity to play in the upcoming games and show what they are able to do. Richt also discusses why the South Carolina receivers were running wide open the entire game.


Tennessee Game Set

The Tennessee game will be at 12:00 on ESPN.


Check back daily for more Daily Dose of Dawg!



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