Why UGA/SCAR is the Best SEC Matchup Game of the Season and Blah, Blah, Blah.

Saturday marks the 67th time the Georgia Bulldogs and the South Carolina Gamecocks will meet on the Gridiron. And for the 67th time, this matchup will show its insignificance in the college football world. Season after season momentum is built up on this “key” matchup, however, neither Georgia hasn’t played for a National Championship since the early 1980’s.

In 2012, South Carolina embarrassed the Bulldogs 35-7, only to later lose to LSU and Florida. In 2013, Bulldogs were able to snap a three-game losing streak to the Cocks with a 41-30 victory, but finished the season disastrously. (The football experts in Athens, GA would tell you that they could’ve won a Nati had they not had any injuries).

Year after year I watch this marquee matchup only to watch both teams eventually lose to other teams down the line. It’s only week 3 of college football and already South Carolina has been exposed of their weaknesses.

So Georgia is supposed to beat a mediocre Gamecock team and now win the National Championship?

steve-spurrier-arbys“Cool story, dawgs”

Meanwhile, in the SEC West, there are actual hard/gritty/tough opponents such as LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Texas A&M, Ole Miss?, Miss State, (Arkansas will rejoin the list in a couple of years).

There’s a reason why in that 7-year span when the SEC was winning the national championship that the SEC West won the trophy 5 times. Heck, in 2011, the National Championship featured two SEC teams with the SEC East nowhere to be found.

It’s simple math really, SEC West > Sec East.

It’s cute that the SEC East wants to make Georgia/South Carolina a key game even though the only SEC East team to win a national championship and a Heisman in the past decade is actually Florida.


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  1. If i were a pro scout looking at Gurley last night I have to see that 80% of his yards were on his own. Our Offensive line was no help for him. That 17 yard 3rd down run alone was on of my all time favorites from any UGA back!

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