Why Do We Compare Mike Davis to Todd Gurley? Will Bret Bielema Eat Kliff Kingsbury? Can UCF Upset Mizzou? SEC Questions Answered and Predictions Made

Chad Floyd’s got your Weekly Viewing Guide right here and we’ve all made predictions already, but here are my thoughts on some of this weekend’s games.


UMass at Vanderbilt: 12 p.m. – ESPN 3

There’s no way Derek Mason starts his career at Vandy 0-3.  I’m not saying that out of jest, shock, awe or any other feigned emotion.  UMass is that bad.  Sure, Mason brought Vanderbilt back (to what Vanderbilt should be) more quickly than anyone could have anticipated with 10 combined points scored over two weeks against Temple and Ole Miss (not to mention 78 points allowed), but UMass is even worse.  The Minutemen’s relevancy lasted less than 60 seconds (not literally) and embarrassing losses to Boston College (30-7) and a terrible Buffalo team will give way to the Commodores’ first win of the year.

Enjoy it Vandy.  These sweet, victorious moments may be few and far between for some time (read: forever).


UCF at #20 Missouri: 12 p.m. – SEC Network

Is anybody sold out on this Missouri team?  Has any team in the country done less to answer major personnel questions over the season’s first two weeks and maintained a Top 20 ranking?  I don’t think so.

A 38-18 win over South Dakota State saw the Tigers clinging to a 3-point lead halfway into the third quarter.  Mizzou forced three turnovers, but still allowed 365 yards to an FCS squad while racking up 393 yards on their end.  Missouri handled Toledo comfortably, but still allowed 410 yards of offense to the Rockets.

This UCF team has some talent—how much, we may not definitively know.  But more than S. Dak St. and Toledo combined.

I try to pick a senseless upset every week, so this is it.  UCF DON’T NEED NO BORTLES! DON’T NOBODY NEED NO BORTLES.


Arkansas at Texas Tech: 3 p.m. – ABC

If there’s one thing we know about these Texas Tech Red Raiders and their Hollywood Head Coach, it’s that they put up tons and tons of points.  Except when they play UTEP and only score 30.

And if there’s one thing we know about the Arkansas Razorbacks and their behemoth of a Bielema, it’s that they don’t score points.  Except when they put up 73 points and 684 yards on just 54 offensive plays against Nicholls State.

This game has disaster written all over it for one team, and I kind of think it’s Texas Tech.  I don’t like to use the word “out-physical” because it’s a stupid non-word reserved for pundits who don’t speak well, but Arkansas could completely, utterly out-physical Texas Tech.  Arkansas has three running backs capable of torching the Raiders and one head coach capable of eating the finely-kempt gent across the field on the other sideline.  That means victory for the ‘Backs.


Kentucky at Florida: 7:30 p.m. – SEC Network

It’s really easy to talk about how far Kentucky has come when you create an alternate universe in which Tennessee-Martin and Ohio University are the University of Tennessee and Ohio State.  In that altered state, Kentucky has defeated two traditional powers by a combined score of 79-17.  But we don’t live in that magical place.  So to date, Kentucky has defeated the Bobcats from Ohio University and the Whatever-They-Ares from UT-M.

And while it’s fun (and always will be) to laugh at shortcomings that may or may not define Florida football under head coach Will Muschamp, the “Champ” (my new favorite ironic nickname) has never had trouble beating the Wildcats.  The Champ is 3-0 against the ‘Cats and boasts an average margin of victory of 31 points per game.

Why would we think that these two programs have swung that drastically in opposite directions from the norm in just one year?  Florida wins—comfortably.


Tennessee at #4 Oklahoma: 8:00 p.m. – ABC

Writing about Tennessee football is like a Power 5 Conference Team playing an FCS Opponent.  If I’m wrong, I’m an idiot for incorrectly siding with all conventional logic.  It’s like Michigan losing to App State.  If I’m right, I’ve done nothing but predict the obvious.  It’s like Georgia beating up on Charleston Southern.  It’s a lose/lose for me.  So let’s move on: Oklahoma wins.


The Game You Care About

I remain cautious in my optimism, but damn it my optimism is optimistic.  I’ve watched every offensive and defensive snap of South Carolina’s first two games multiple times and I don’t see how the Gamecocks can beat Georgia.  And I don’t know that it takes an inspired Bulldog effort, either.

Mike Davis is a nice running back.  He’s a good running back.  He torched Georgia last year.  He’ll have to be a new version of Mike Davis to make a difference in the final outcome today.  I can’t justifiably expect that.

In Davis’s defense, he’s been banged up for the better part of the last eight South Carolina games.  But he may have peaked against a mediocre Georgia defense in Week 2 last year.  Nobody else is saying that, but I’m not going to exalt a guy who’s accounted for 600 yards of offense over South Carolina’s last eight games as a game-changer.  Not yet.

I get that he was injured; so was Todd Gurley.  Comparisons between the two seem downright insulting to the Heisman candidate wearing Red (not garnet).  Gurley missed time over the course of Georgia’s last eight games too.  Over that stretch he’s accounted for 1,131 yards of offense.  He’s turned 26 more total offensive touches into 531 more yards.  Run the numbers on that.

Gurley’s going to make a difference; I don’t think Davis will.  And Georgia’s defense—for the first time in years—may be better than South Carolina’s.

Georgia wins by at least a touchdown.  The game is never in doubt.


That’s all I got/


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