Georgia Football: Todd Gurley Can Catch Herschel Walker, It Starts Today

A big game from Todd Gurley today does wonders for his legacy and for the 2014 Georgia Bulldogs.  But I don’t think folks realize just how special he is.

I spent a lot of time comparing these Gurley and Walker, and I must admit I’m surprised by how well Gurley acquits himself relative to the greatest Bulldogs of all time.  If Gurley remains healthy and these Dawgs live up to the now lofty expectations, I think he could catch the legacy of Herschel Walker.

A few points worth noting—some of which surprised me:

  • 400 or so carries in, Gurley holds a distinct statistical edge over Walker.  He does more per carry by just about every metric.
  • Walker was helped by a heavy load and hurt by a one-dimensional offense.
  • Gurley is helped by a two-dimensional offense and hurt by a light load.
  • Walker’s rushing totals are safe, but Gurley (who is more involved in the passing game) could catch his all-purpose yardage school record.
  • Gurley will likely pass Walker’s TD mark if he stays healthy.


Read more here and weigh in on the comments.


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  1. I know Walker is the most beloved Dawg of all time, but Gurley is the better all-around back, Gurley doesn’t top Walker’s rushing record, but shatters, his ap yrds, and TD’s. All right let’s hear it tell me how wrong I am

  2. sorry don’t buy it .Walker played with injuries and the bulldogs had no one else.Gurley can be spelled by any number of backs,so he does not have the wear and tear

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