Vegas Loves Gurley, Spurrier Gives The Dawgs Bulletin Board Material, and More

Week 3 Predictions:

These guys believe that the UGA-SC game will be a little closer then what most experts think, I would have to agree with them. Columbia is a tough place to play and it will be a dog fight this Saturday. Another SEC game to keep an eye on is the Kentucky-Florida game. One because we haven’t really seen the Gators play this year, and two it is my upset pick of the week. Check out all the SEC predictions here.

Vegas Baby

Vegas finally started giving Todd Gurley the love that everyone else in America has been giving him the past two weeks. He is now the Heisman front runner, according to Bovada gambling. Not to rain on y’alls parade but, Geno Smith was the September Heisman front runner a couple years back so do not get your hopes up just yet.  Here is the full Heisman odds list.

Spurrier Bein’ Spurrier

I am just ready for Spurrier to finally retire so we can stop hearing him trash talk UGA. It is like he takes a personal joy in trying to get under Mark Richt’s skin. I hope that UGA just puts it on Spurrier and the Gamecocks this weekend, but I just do not see it happening. Just too tough of an environment for the Dawgs, but hopefully they can use the Ol’ Ball Coach’s comments for some extra motivation. Here is his full comments.



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  1. Spurrier is the school yard bully CMR is the weakling when it comes to winning!

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