The Official DYC Viewing Guide, Week 3

I’m going to try something new today. For each timeslot that exists on the college football schedule, I’ll rank the games and tell you why you should be watching. After thorough (having a beer with lunch and reflecting on my writing habits) introspection, I realized that my viewing guides have previously only served the purpose of making fun of Notre Dame’s irrelevance, pointing out the obvious “you should watch Alabama/LSU at 8pm”, and making fun of weird matchups and bad timeslots.

Also, this is publishing Friday this week, because I can’t in good conscience recommend Houston/BYU on the one occasion that I am aggressively going NFL over college. #BallSoHardUniversity is on, and he HATES the Steelers. always looking forward.

Friday Night Because Nothing is Sacred

1. #8 Baylor at Buffalo, ESPN. I picked Baylor to cover a 36 point spread on the road., so yes, I will contribute eyeballs to tonight’s massacre.
2. Toledo at Cincinnati, ESPNU. How has Cincinnati not played a game yet? Damn you, Tubberville shenanigans.

Noon, Where There Are Actually Potentially Compelling-ish Games

1. UCF at #20 Missouri, SEC Network: For the second straight week, Missouri plays a good (albeit Bortles-less) non-power-5 team . I mean, UCF won the daggum Fiesta Bowl last year. We’re learning more about Missouri than most SEC teams with their bizarre nonconference schedule.
2. East Carolina at #17 Virginia Tech, ESPN: If I know Virginia Tech, it is just like them to lay an egg after a big and impressive win. Seen them do it against these very Pirates before. Probably my personal choice for the noon slate due to 100% UNC-related reasons.
3. West Virginia at Maryland, BTN: The ‘two most dispicable fanbases outside West Raleigh’ Bowl, now with Francis Scott Key being honored!

This is where uniforms jump the shark. Finally.

This is where uniforms jump the shark. Finally.

And this follow-up:

T4. UMass at Vandy, Georgia Southern at Georgia Tech (ESPN3 for each): This is everything.

Also, go Eagles. Eff Tech.

If you have the Pac-12 Network, #2 Oregon hosts Wyoming in a bloodbath at 2. It doesn’t fit my templated timeslots, so, moving on…

3:30, Where NOBODY Wants to Compete with Georgia/Little Carolina

2. More like 200, but hey. Arkansas State visits Miami (ESPNU) and I’ve got the ‘Canes on upset alert.
200a. Arkansas at Texas Tech. What will you learn us about your program, Bret Bieliema?

Seriously though, there is NOTHING worth watching in this timeslot outside of the big one.

The Freaks Schadenfruede Come Out At Night

Tired of the annual ‘is Tennessee back’ questions of mid-September? Love watching Texas’ misery? (To be fair, their combined starts on the O-line doubled from 4 to 9 on the first snap against BYU.) This night slate is for you.

1. #12 UCLA at Texas 8pm on FOX. I really want to see this one to figure out UCLA more than to laugh at Texas. The Bruins have beaten Virginia and Memphis by a combined 15 points thus far. NOT GOOD. Texas is a potential cure-all for what ails you.

2. Tennessee at #4 Oklahoma 8 on ABC. Justin Worley is NOT, in fact, that dude, and Tennessee fans get to learn that the hard way.
3. Kentucky at Florida 7:30 on the SEC Network. Somehow, this game validates the winner as a contender. Even Kentucky. SEC bias is annoying sometimes.
4. Continuing to throw dirt on the B1G. Penn State visits Rutgahs at 8 on BTN as the league’s great white hope, and they’re gonna lose. Inexplicably still-ranked-by-the-coaches Nebraska visits Fresno State in a late-nighter on CBS Sports Network, and again. BURY THE B1G!

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