Georgia Football: **Must Read** Todd Gurley Never Heard of Herschel Walker, Stopping Todd Gurley 101, Dawgs vs. Game Chickens Trailer

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The Todd Gurley Story

Mark Schlabach, UGA alum and ESPN writer, wrote a tremendous story about the life of Todd Gurley. He talks about Todd’s humble upbringing and the challenges he faced growing up. I would sum up his article for you guys, but it just wouldn’t do it justice. Story here.


Keys to Stopping Gurley posted an article today on how to (try to) stop Todd Gurley. It’s a great read and offers a lot of insight into Gurley’s game. I think this South Carolina game will really be a litmus test for the star Georgia running back. This front seven is nowhere near as good as Clemson’s, but you can bet the Gamecocks will put more of an emphasis on stopping #3 after seeing him dismantle the Tigers a couple of weeks ago. If Gurley is able to have a big game against the Gamecocks with them putting eight or nine in the box, it will surely be a testament to how amazing he really is.


South Carolina Game Trailer has come out with it’s UGA vs. USC game trailer. It’s not quite as inspirational as one’s in the past, but it’ll still get you hyped for tommorow.


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