Georgia Football: Auburn and Alabama Are WAY Better Than UGA, Good Luck Stopping Gurley, ESPN’s and My Analysis on UGA/USC, and Much More – Daily Dose of Dawg

Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report

Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report

Georgia Not Impressing Everybody

This idiot, Brian Griese, had something interesting to say:


Shattle Fenteng Still Dealing With Injury and Other Practice Notes

One of the new players I was most looking forward to seeing this year was JUCO transfer, Shattle Fenteng. There was so much hype about Fenteng coming into this year as people talked about him being a shoe-in starter at cornerback. To his defense, he’s had a lingering shoulder injury that’s kept him out of a lot of practices, but still, Mark Richt said yesterday that even if Fenteng was at one-hundred percent, he doesn’t know if he’d be starting. I really hope Shattle will recover from this injury quickly, though, as I still think he could be a big part of this defense.

John Theus is back at full strength after suffering an ankle/leg injury last week. Thankfully, the Bulldogs had a bye week for him to recover as this offensive line will certainly need all hands on deck come Saturday.

More key notes on the team here.


ESPN Analysis on Georgia/South Carolina and Game Predictions

Yesterday, ESPN did a segment on the UGA vs. USC game. In this video they break down what the two teams need to do in order to win and what to watch out for. Video here.

A couple of ESPN college football “experts” also made their picks for the game here.

Here’s my analysis, though, which in my opinion, is much better than theirs anyways: The Bulldogs have a much better team this year than South Carolina. That is obvious to anyone with a functioning pair of eyes and at least half a brain. The problem, however, is that this is a BIG rivalry game, and these two teams always have eachother’s number. South Carolina will obviously load the box in order to shut down UGA’s rushing attack, and it will be up to Hutson Mason and the Georgia receiving core to take advantage of this. On the defensive side of the ball, I don’t really know what to expect from the Dawgs. Against Clemson, there was no threat of a run game, so they could just focus on the quarterback and receivers. South Carolina has a very talented, experienced back in Mike Davis, however, and he can certainly give the Dawgs fits (here, and here, and here). Although I expect this to be a close game, I believe the Dawgs will come out on top by a score of 31-27.


Trying to Stop TG3

“Watching film and seeing how other guys get tackled, I’m not sure guys like tackling me,” Gurley said. “I watch Clemson, and saw how they were tackling [South Carolina running back] Mike Davis and other backs, and it wasn’t the same. I don’t blame them. I’m 6-1 and 230 pounds. DBs are 5-10 and 180 [pounds]. Why would you want to tackle a guy as big as me?”

Edward Aschoff of ESPN wrote a great piece on what makes Todd Gurley so dominating, and talks about all the trouble that USC will face trying to stop him. Story here.


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  1. Griese is right however, if we continue to recruit like this year and keep Pruitt a few more years we will be on a par. This even Though CMR is now a winner.

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