Georgia Football: SEC Power Rankings, Week 3

First and foremost, a completely unsolicited programming note if you’re like me and miss a lot of action while attending games:

Gives you all of the context you need to properly rank the conference in an hour.

1) Georgia (LW #1, 1-0, bye): The Dawgs didn’t do anything against BYE to lose the top spot, and stayed healthy to boot! This grasp on #1 is tenuous at best, but will become a vice grip if they take care of business in Columbia on Saturday.

2) Alabama (LW #4, 2-0, beat FAU 41-0): I am now a bigger believer in Blake Sims, and I only justify moving Auburn ahead of them last week by saying I wanted to anger some friends.

3) Texas A&M (LW #3, 2-0 (1-0), beat some dude named Lamar 73-3): I didn’t see this game, but I picture it like the time Peter Griffin tried to play the Patriots.

lamarSilly Lamar.

4) Auburn (LW #2, 2-0 (1-0), beat San Jose St. 59-14): I’m not quite sure why I was compelled to rank them #2 last week except for the 1-0 head start they had in-conference. A&M had the same thing. Oh well. VOLATILITY = TRANSPARENCY.

5) LSU (LW #5, 2-0, beat Sam Houston St. 56-0): Dammit, Leonard Fournette. I wanted to like you. Now I want you to flame out.

6) Ole Miss (LW #6, 2-0 (1-0), beat Vanderbilt 41-3): I can’t move you up based on a win over Vanderbilt. That’s a new rule implemented this season.

7) Florida (LW #9, 1-0, beat Eastern Michigan 65-0): The got to play the worst defense in last season’s FBS, and not even Will Muschamp could hold them to 31 (their max last year). Jeff Driskel’s YPA wasn’t quite up to snuff, however, so I’m not a believer yet.

8) South Carolina (LW #10, 1-1 (0-1), beat ECU 33-23): Putting them at 10 was an overreaction, but a fun and warranted one after week 1. I keep talking about that game because I want to see it repeat itself in the Concrete Jungle on Saturday.

9) Missouri (LW #11, 2-0, beat Toledo 49-24): Impressive performance vs. a game MAC team. I can now say I found Missouri football on TV against a non-SEC/marquee opponent, and that’s just…neat.

10) Tennessee (LW #7, 2-0, beat Arkansas State 34-19): /prepares to drop them like Tennessee circa 2009-2013 as soon as Oklahoma game kicks off/

11) Mississippi State (LW #8, 2-0, beat UAB 47-34): I’m told by friends in Birmingham (I actually know UAB people) that their team is supposed to be pretty good this year. But yo, SOMEBODY has to lose games in the SEC West, right? Looking forward to their annual matchup with…

12) Kentucky (LW #13, 2-0, beat Ohio 20-3): …not really. We learn everything we need to know about the revitalized (?) Wildcats in Gainesville this weekend.

13) Arkansas (LW #12, 1-1 (0-1), beat Nicholls State 73-7): After watching SEC in :60, I’m not sure if Nicholls State wasn’t just a fraternity Bret Bieliema paid $15,000 and an Afroman party to get a win on the docket. If I’m right, the fraternity scored and that tells you what we want to know about Arkansas football.

63) Vanderbilt (LW #14, dropping like a fly, 0-2 (0-1), lost to Ole Miss 41-3): I mean, JESUS. Derek Mason is officially on the hot seat.




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