Clark Griswold Makes A Guest Appearance, Fire Derek Mason, and More

Same Ol’ Vandy

Derek Mason seems to already be on the hot seat in Nashville after two blow out losses to start the season. Personally, I do not agree with his hot seat because I feel like the Vandy faithful are just delusional with their expectations. I know James Franklin put in your heads “we are not the same Vandy”, but until you compete for an SEC East Title, or win 10 games, you are still the same ole Vandy. Check out how hot the seat is getting in Nashville here.

Griswold Family Takes On Rocky Top 

Clark Griswold made a guest appearance at the Arkansas State VS UT game this past saturday. Not the fun loving Clark that we all know and love, but more like a fantastic coincidence. Check out the amazing coincidence here.

99 Problems 

Harvey Updyke is never going to go away. Right now he owes Auburn University 796,731.98 for his poisoning of the Toomer’s Corner trees. He has paid a whopping 99 dollars of the total amount since 2011. The court ordered him to pay 500 dollars a month and the fact that he has only paid 99 dollars is just comical in so many ways. At this rate it will take him 1,327 years to pay Auburn back and I personally think Updyke would rather go to Jail then give another dollar to Auburn. Roll Damn Tide, Paul. Full Story here.



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