Todd Gurley’s Biggest Heisman Threat, All Big Schools Cheat, and More


Raise Your Hand if Your Team Cheats

Eric Dickerson wants everyone to know that all the big schools cheat. Water is also wet Mr. Dickerson, and if anyone knows about a school cheating it is you my friend. We can all say that “UGA doesn’t cheat, they do it the right way”, don’t kid yourself. To quote the former Heisman Eric Dickerson “you aint cheating, you aint trying”. I am a firm believer that you have to cheat in todays college football to be a competitive program. I know my Crimson Tide probably pay players and I am okay with that. I have witnessed 3 National Titles in 5 years, so not only do we have the rings but we cheat better than anyone. Eric Dickerson’s full quote here.

Gurley’s Biggest Threat

We all know Todd Gurley is the best running back and Heisman front runner in the Nation. But what are the other Heisman hopefuls in the SEC? Personally I think Amare Cooper is the next man up considering he has put up freakish numbers in the first two games, and is arguably the best receiver in college football. Who do you think can give Gurley a run for his money in the SEC? ESPN’s full list here.

Spurrier Speaking Truth 

The Ol’ Ball Coach is known for speaking his mind on whatever issues. Most of the time I do not agree with anything he says, but Spurrier made some great comments on the Ray Rice situation and domestic violence as a whole. I agree with everything he says, and I am not sure if every coach has the policy of “hit a girl you are out”, but they should. Full quotes here.


Prison For Leaf

Ryan Leaf has been a sad joke ever since he was taken ahead of Peyton Manning. A guy with such “talent” is the definition of a head case, who could not handle the pressure of the NFL. Since leaving the NFL he has been in trouble with the law for drug related charges, and has been on probation for the last 2 years while coaching at West Texas A&M. On Tuesday Leaf violated his parole and a judge has sentenced him to 5 years in prison. Never change Ryan.  Full write up here.



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