Georgia Football: Hutson Mason Ain’t Worried About Nothin’, Herbstreit’s Analysis, Georgia Will Be Without Three Receivers – Daily Dose of Dawg

Courtesy of @Money_Mitch26

Courtesy of @Money_Mitch26

Hutson Mason Breaks Down the Noise Factor

As anyone knows that’s watched South Carolina play over the last few years, Williams-Brice Stadium can be a crazy environment. Just look at the last time the Bulldogs traveled to Columbia to face the Gamecocks:

**Disclaimer: This obnoxious song may ruin your Wednesday afternoon

Hutson Mason knows how things are going to be on Saturday, but he’s not scared one bit. Sadly, I don’t have his same confidence. Now I like Hutson Mason, and I hope more than anything that he’s able to prove me wrong, but I view him as a “game manager.” With USC likely to stack the box in order to stop Gurley & Co., this could very well be a game where we need a great performance from our QB. From what I’ve seen out of Hutson in his few starts, I don’t know if he can do that. Now that’s not to say Hutson isn’t a good quarterback, but even Aaron Murray, perhaps the greatest Georgia quarterback of all time, couldn’t win at Williams-Brice. This Saturday will certainly be a huge test for Mason, and will likely show us what kind of quarterback we have.

Hutson breaks down the USC crowd noise here.


Kirk Herbstreit Previews the Georgia/South Carolina Game

In this weeks ESPN Game Plan Breakdown, Kirk Herbstreit discusses the matchup between the Dawgs and the Gamecocks. Kirk, probably the best of the Gameday guys (certainly better than that idiot, David Pollack), has some good things to say about the game this Saturday and reveals his prediction. Video here.


 Bulldogs With Three Receivers Out For Carolina Game

Once again Georgia will be without wide receivers Malcolm Mitchell, Justin Scott-Wesley, and Jonathan Rumph due to injuries (possibly a suspension). I really could care less about the Rumph news because he hasn’t done anything significant on the field for us, and I didn’t expect us to have Scott-Wesley for this game anyways due to his suspension. The continued absence of Malcolm Mitchell really bugs me, though. Now I know the guy isn’t going out trying to get hurt, but it’s so painful to know we have an elite receiver on this team who might never get to make a big play for us again.

Still, Georgia has some other good receivers on this team, and although they might not be deep threats like Mitchell and Scott-Wesley, they are solid players who can have an enormous impact on this upcoming game. I look for Bennett and Conley to really step things up this game, and I think freshman, Isaiah McKenzie, could have a breakout performance.

Here’s the story by Chip Towers on the three missing receivers.


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  1. Look this game is Pruitts to win or loose. And mason scares the crap out of me i really don’t know if he can hold up! against a spurrier team.

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