Georgia Football: A Look Back on UGA’s Last Win at Williams-Brice

So, I decided to sit down and watch the last time the Dawgs won at USC. Considering that was in 2008, this UGA team looked vastly different. Here’s some highlights of the game, as well as a few of my takeaways.

Matthew Stafford Had a CANNON

Now I know Matt Stafford has a big arm, but after going through a Joe Cox year and four years of Aaron Murray, I had totally forgotten how insanely strong that arm was for the Bulldogs. He absolutely rocketed throws across his body and made it look effortless. Yeah yeah, I know it didn’t account for a ton of wins or a national championship, but it was still dang impressive.

Knowshon Moreno: One of UGA’s Best

How quickly Todd Gurley can make you forget about The Man: Knowshon Moreno. Now I still think Gurley is a better all-around back than Knowshon, but #24 was Know-Joke for the Red & Black. He had such great balance and was one of the shiftiest backs I’ve ever seen at UGA. Not to mention his swagger. I loved seeing that guy pop up after every run and sprint back to the huddle. In case you forgot how dominant Knowshon was in college, here’s a little reminder:

That AJ Green Guy Was Pretty Good

Even though AJ was only a freshman in this game, he looked like a senior. His ability to get past defenders was second to none, and he made everything look effortless. Now UGA didn’t have a great offensive day against the Gamecocks in 2008, but here’s AJ’s highlights from his freshman season:

The Silver Britches Looked Much Better

I think it was a couple years ago that UGA switched to a different material that was much easier to wash, but way less silver. Now the Bulldogs really wear gray pants, and they don’t look nearly as good.

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