NFL Football: Week One GIF Round Up

Trying something new here to 1. distract from my weekly picks and 2. satiate my need to drop GIFs everywhere I go. We won’t hit every game, but I will shine a light on some of the best GIFable moments of the weekend. SPOILERS: there’s probably going to be a Falcon GIF every week. I GOTTA BE ME. On to the games!

Saints 34, Falcons 37 (OT)

Got heeeeeeeeeeem!!!

Rob Ryan

Vikings 34, Rams 6

So, this is Norv Turner’s new toy. Have fun Norv.



Browns 27, Steelers 30

29 years. 29 years I’ve been watching football. Never seen this.



Jaguars 17, Eagles 34

For a whole half, Chad Henne was playing great. Then he turned back into Chad Henne.


Washington 6, Texans 17

Clowney got hurt, which is probably good for the rest of the League, because JJ Watt remains TERRIFYING.

JJ Watt blowing up Washington line b JJ Watt stuffed Alfred Morris [Texans Redskins]


Bears 20, Bills 23

Chris Conte, justifying every mean thing I ever said about him.

Bills Win Thanks To Fred Jackson's Brutal Mistreatment Of Chris Conte


Panthers 20, Buccaneers 14

Thus ended the “I bet the Bears wish they kept Josh McCown” era.

Josh McCown, Doing Josh McCown Things


Niners 28, Cowboys 17

Colts 24, Broncos 31

Robo Manning has downloaded running program. File corrupted.



Giants 14, Lions 35

I’d expect to see a lot of Megatron on this post this year. A lot. Goodness.


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