Georgia Football: This Part of the Dawgs’ Rivalry with South Carolina is Downright Embarrassing

Our pals at The UGA Vault tweeted this out this morning:


On paper (or interwebs, as it may be), I see two programs.  One is blatantly inferior to the other.  And yet that blatantly inferior team has had its way with Georgia more often than not.

Consider the last seven games:

Year South Carolina Points Georgia Points
2007 16 12
2008 7 14
2009 37 41
2010 17 6
2011 45 42
2012 35 7
2013 30 41
Total 187 163


That shouldn’t be a point of pride for the Bulldogs.

Sure, this South Carolina program has been at its all-time high.  But this is a South Carolina program whose all-time high is demonstrated by zero SEC Championships.

And Georgia hasn’t exactly been piss-poor over this time frame.  In 2007, the Dawgs nearly won the SEC East and did win a BCS Bowl.  In 2008, Georgia opened the season No. 1 in both major polls.  The Dawgs won the East (and 10 games in a row) in 2011.  In 2012, Georgia was a few short yards away from winning the SEC and heading to the BCS National Championship Game.

Last year’s victory was sweet, but South Carolina has had Georgia’s number to an embarrassing extent as of late.  That needs to end on Saturday.


That’s all I got/


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