Florida Needs A Reality Check, Danny Kanell Hates The SEC, and More

Everyone Loves Predictions 

Week 2 Bowl Projections are just comical. There is nothing that makes me more upset then when someone who is a fan of another team that is projected to go to a better bowl then my team, brags about it to me. I mean when was the last time these things were actually correct? Much less the list these people come up with for who is the Heisman front runner. If you remember correctly, Geno Smith was a September Heisman lock with Kirk Herbstreit. So when you look at these, take it with a grain a salt, and do your boy a favor and do not be obnoxiously happy about where your team is “projected”. Full projections here. 

Danny K is Butt Hurt

I like seeing what everyone is saying about the SEC around the country, and how butt hurt some of these people get when the SEC ends up winning the whole thing at the end of the year. Danny Kannel is a perfect example of someone who hates the SEC. I mean he has made a living negatively critiquing everything SEC. Listen, I am all for an argument, but if you really believe that because the SEC has one week out of the season where they are not playing a big time game that they are not the toughest conference, you are delusional. I mean you should be thanking us for allowing the national spotlight to shine on you for one week you ungrateful fans. Here is what Danny is saying.

Gators Dare You To Stop Driskel

I am all for confidence. It is great to have, but the Florida Gators need to take a step back and think about what they just said. Several of the Florida offensive players said “we cannot wait to face an SEC team and show them what we can do”. This was following a 65-0 pounding over Eastern Michigan. Not Michigan or Michigan State. Eastern Michigan. Maybe the Eagles had a touted defense going into this game and Florida is just that good, but I just do not think that was the case. I mean they are no Georgia Southern, but I am proud that Florida won a game against a non-conference game. Kudos Muschamp. Full quotes here. 



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