Vandy Gets Naked, Les Miles Face Plant, And More


VanderBUILT: Goes Wild 

I could not imagine being a Vandy fan. But if I was a Vandy fan, I would probably act exactly like this after two consecutive blow out losses. I mean you root for mediocrity each and every year, which is just depressing. Vandy beat UGA, UT, and Florida for the first time ever in the same season and still did not win the SEC East. James Franklin did one good thing at Vandy and that was raise expectations to at least the Belk Bowl. Never change Vandy. Check out one Vandy fan wanting nothing to do with his clothes after Ole Miss put the game away here.



The Mad Hatter Never Disappoints 

Les Miles has some of the best non-coaching moments ever. Whether it is one of his hard to follow metaphors, or his terrible clock management, The Mad Hatter is a show unto himself. This past saturday you can add almost falling on his face during the Tigers run out to his long list blunders. Check out his almost face plant here.



Towel’s Pinky Promise 

I previously wrote about how optimistic I was about the Kentucky football team this season, but this might be going a little far. Kentucky QB Patrick Towles promised he would get a tattoo if the Wildcats beat the Gators this season. As much as I would love to see this, I still think the Gators have enough overall talent to handle the up and coming Wildcats. Maybe he was talking about basketball? Here the full promise.



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